deck (v.) Old form(s): deck'd , decke , Deckt
cover, adorn, decorate
1H6 I.ii.99[Pucelle to Charles] here is my keen-edged sword, / Decked with five flower-de-luces on each side
3H6 III.i.63[King to Second Keeper] My crown is in my heart ... / Not decked with diamonds and Indian stones
3H6 III.ii.149[Richard alone] I'll ... deck my body in gay ornaments
H5 I.chorus.28[Chorus] 'tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings
H5 II.ii.134[King Henry to Scroop, of other men] are they ... / Garnished and decked in modest complement
Tem I.ii.155[Prospero to Miranda] I have decked the sea with drops full salt [or: covered like a deck]
Tem III.ii.98[Caliban to Stephano, of Prospero] He has brave utensils ... / Which, when he has a house, he'll deck withal
TNK II.i.77[Palamon to Arcite, of their swords] Ravished our sides, like age must run to rust, / And deck the temples of those gods that hate us
TS I.i.16[Lucentio to Tranio, of himself] To deck his fortune with his virtuous deeds

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