degree (n.)
rank, station, standing
1H6 II.iv.111[Richard to Somerset, of his rose] Or flourish to the height of my degree
1H6 III.i.20[Gloucester to Winchester] Thou art ... wanton, more than well beseems / A man of thy profession and degree
1H6 V.i.29[Exeter to himself] What, is my lord of Winchester installed, / And called unto a cardinal's degree?
2H6 V.i.73[King to Iden] what is thy degree?
E3 IV.v.104[King John to Salisbury] Say ... of what degree thou art
H5 IV.vii.133[King Henry to Fluellen, of Williams] It may be his enemy is a gentleman of great sort, quite from the answer of his degree
KL V.iii.109[Herald reading a proclamation] If any man of quality or degree
LLL V.ii.504[Costard to Berowne, of Pompey] I know not the degree of the Worthy, but I am to stand for him
Mac III.iv.1[Macbeth to all] You know your own degrees, sit down
MV II.ix.41[Arragon to himself] O that estates, degrees, and offices / Were not derived corruptly
MW III.iv.47[Slender to Anne, of his maintaining her] that I will, come cut and long-tail, under the degree of a squire [i.e. in accordance with the rank of a squire]
Oth II.iii.89[Iago singing] thou art but of low degree
Oth III.iii.228[Iago to Othello, of Desdemona] Not to affect many proposed matches / Of her own clime, complexion, and degree
R3 III.vii.142[Richard to Buckingham] I cannot tell if to depart in silence ... / Best fitteth my degree or your condition
R3 III.vii.187[Buckingham to Richard, of Queen Elizabeth and King Edward] [a] widow ... / Seduced the pitch and height of his degree
TC I.iii.101[Ulysses to all] when degree is shaked ... / The enterprise is sick
TC I.iii.104[Ulysses to all] How could communities, / Degrees in schools ... / But by degree, stand in authentic place? [first instance; i.e. academic rankings]
TC I.iii.83[Ulysses to all] Degree being vizarded, / Th'unworthiest shows as fairly in the mask
Tim IV.i.19[Timon alone] Degrees, observances, customs, and laws, / Decline to your confounding contraries
Tim V.i.206[Timon to Senators, of the Athenians] in the sequence of degree / From high to low throughout
TN I.iii.104[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of Olivia] she'll not match above her degree
TN I.iii.111[Sir Andrew to Sir Toby, of being as good as any man] under the degree of my betters
TN III.iv.78[Malvolio alone, of Olivia addressing him] Not 'Malvolio', nor after my degree, but 'fellow'!
WT II.i.85[Leontes to Hermione] O thou thing / Which I'll not call a creature of thy place, / Lest barbarism ... / Should a like language use to all degrees

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