desert, desart (n.)
deserving, due recompense, right
1H6 V.iv.153[Richard to Charles] accept the title thou usurpest, / Of benefit proceeding from our king / And not of any challenge of desert
2H4 IV.iii.54[Falstaff to Prince John] let me have right, and let desert mount
3H6 III.iii.192[Warwick to Lewis] my desert is honour
AW II.iii.152[King to Bertram, of Helena] That dost in vile misprision shackle up / My love and her desert
Cym[Queen to Pisanio] I ... / That set thee on to this desert
E3 V.i.72[Copland to King Edward, of his behaviour] No wilful disobedience ... / But my desert and public law of arms
LLL V.ii.800[Princess to King, of his proving his love] Come challenge me, challenge by these deserts
MM V.i.9[Duke to Angelo] your desert speaks loud
MV II.ix.51[Arragon to himself] I will assume desert
R3 I.iii.96[Richard to Rivers, of Queen Elizabeth] She may ... lay those honours on your high desert
TG III.i.159[Duke to Valentine] my patience, more than thy desert, / Is privilege for thy departure hence
Tit I.i.16[Bassianus to his followers] let desert in pure election shine [i.e. not by right of descent]
Tit I.i.239[Saturninus to Titus] I give thee thanks in part of thy deserts [i.e. as a part-payment of what you are owed]
Tit I.i.259[Saturninus to Romans, of Titus' offerings] when I do forget / The least of these unspeakable deserts

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