dart (n.)
arrow; or: light spear
2H6 III.i.362[York alone, of Cade] his thighs with darts / Were almost like a sharp-quilled porpentine
AC IV.xiv.70[Eros to Antony] Shall I do that which all the Parthian darts ... could not?
Cor I.vi.61[Martius to Cominius, of his desire to fight] Filling the air with swords advanced and darts
Cym IV.ii.211[Arviragus to Belarius and Guiderius, of disguised Innogen] smiling, as some fly had tickled slumber, / Not as death's dart, being laughed at [debatable meaning; ? as if laughing at death's arrow]
E3 V.i.138[Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] Here cross-bows and deadly wounding darts
JC V.iii.76[Messala to Titinius, of dead Cassius] darts envenomed / Shall be as welcome to the ears of Brutus / As tidings of this sight
MM I.iii.2[Duke to Friar Thomas] Believe not that the dribbling dart of love / Can pierce a complete bosom
Oth IV.i.269[Lodovico to Iago, of Othello] Whose solid virtue / The ... dart of chance / Could neither graze nor pierce
Per I.ii.53[Pericles to Helicanus] If there be such a dart in princes' frowns