desire (v.) Old form(s): desir'd
request, wish, ask [for]
1H6 II.iii.11[Messenger to Countess] according as your ladyship desired
AYL V.iv.53[Touchstone to Duke Senior, of the Duke liking him] I desire you of the like
KL I.iv.243[Gonerill to Lear] Be then desired ... / A little to disquantity your train
LLL V.ii.145[Rosaline to Princess] But shall we dance if they desire us to't?
MND III.i.177[Bottom to Cobweb] I shall desire you of more acquaintance
MND III.i.183[Bottom to Peaseblossom] I shall desire you of more acquaintance
MV IV.i.313[Portia as Balthasar to Shylock] Thou shalt have justice more than thou desir'st
TC IV.v.157[Hector to Aeneas, of the Trojans] Desire them home [i.e. ask them to return home]
TC IV.v.48.2[Ulysses to Cressida, of a kiss] I do desire it
TN II.i.34[Sebastian to Antonio, of Antonio's request to be his servant] desire it not

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