and, an (conj.)
if, even if
1H4 II.iv.232[Falstaff to all] an I were at the strappado ... I would not tell you on compulsion
2H4 II.iv.37 [Falstaff to Hostess, of women like Doll] an they be once in a calm they are sick
2H4 IV.iii.20 [Falstaff to himself] An I had but a belly of any indifferency, I were simply the most active fellow in Europe
2H6 IV.vii.99 [Cade to himself, of Say] He shall die, an it be but for pleading so well for his life
AW II.iii.236[Parolles alone, of Lafew] I'll beat him ... an he were double and double a lord
AW II.iii.85[Lafew to himself, of the lords apparently rejecting Helena] An they were sons of mine I'd have them whipped
KL I.iv.177[Lear to Fool] And you lie, sirrah, we'll have you whipped
LLL III.i.100[Costard to Mote] your pennyworth is good, an your goose be fat.
LLL IV.i.128[Boyet to Rosaline, of 'hitting it'] An I cannot, cannot, cannot,
LLL IV.i.129[Boyet to Rosaline, of 'hitting it'] An I cannot, another can.
LLL V.i.66 [Costard to Mote] An I had but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it
LLL V.ii.621[Berowne to Holofernes, of outfacing him] An thou wert a lion, we would do so.
MA I.i.128[Beatrice to Benedick, of his face] Scratching could not make it worse, an 'twere such a face as yours
MA V.i.133[Benedick to Claudio] I shall meet your wit in the career, an you charge it against me
MV I.ii.84[Portia to Nerissa, of a suitor] An the worst fall that ever fell, I hope I shall make shift to go without him
Per III.i.45[Second Sailor to First Sailor] But sea-room, an the brine and cloudy billow kiss the moon, I care not
R2 V.iii.67[York to King Henry, of Aumerle] So shall my virtue be his vice's bawd / An he shall spend mine honour with his shame
RJ I.iii.47[Nurse to Lady Capulet and Juliet] an I should live a thousand years, I never should forget it
RJ II.iv.148[Nurse to Romeo, of Mercutio] I'll take him down, an 'a were lustier than he is
TC I.i.77[Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida compared to Helen] an she were not kin to me, she would be as fair
TC I.i.79[Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida] I care not an she were a blackamoor

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