determine (v.) Old form(s): determin'd
make a decision [about], reach a conclusion [about]
2H4 IV.i.162[Hastings to Westmorland] Hath the Prince John a full commission ... / To hear and absolutely to determine / Of what conditions we shall stand upon?
2H6 IV.vii.81[Say to rebels] Long sitting to determine poor men's causes
AC V.i.59[Caesar to Egyptian, of Cleopatra] She soon shall know of us ... how kindly we / Determine for her
CE V.i.167[Duke to Adriana, of the situation] I will determine this before I stir
Cor II.ii.35[Menenius to all] Having determined of the Volsces
KL V.i.31.2[Albany to all] Let's then determine ... on our proceeding
KL V.iii.46.1[Albany to Edmund, of the captives] to use them / As we shall find their merits and our safety / May equally determine
Luc.1150[] the poor frighted deer that stands at gaze, / Wildly determining which way to fly
MM V.i.257[Duke to Escalus] stir not you till you have well / Determined upon these slanderers
MV IV.i.106[Duke to all, of Bellario] Whom I have sent for to determine this
R3 I.iii.15[Queen Elizabeth to Rivers, of Richard's Protectorship] It is determined, not concluded yet [i.e. agreed but not legally finalized]
R3 III.iv.2[Hastings to all] the cause why we are met / Is to determine of the coronation
R3 III.v.51[Buckingham to Lord Mayor, of Hastings] had we not determined he should die / Until your lordship came
RJ III.ii.51[Juliet to Nurse] Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe