deny (v.) Old form(s): deni'de , denie, denied'st , Deny'd , denyde , denye
disallow, forbid, refuse permission [for]
2H4 II.iv.172[Hostess to Pistol, of Hiren] What the goodyear, do you think I would deny her?
2H6 V.i.123[Queen to all, of York's sons] here comes Clifford to deny their bail
3H6 II.ii.129[Warwick to King, of the army] If thou deny [to yield the crown], their blood upon thy head
3H6 II.ii.172[Edward to Queen] thou deniest the gentle King to speak
3H6 III.ii.5[Edward to all, of Lady Grey's request] we in justice cannot well deny
3H6 III.ii.9[Richard to Edward, of Lady Grey's request] It were dishonour to deny it her
3H6[King to Richard] Thy father, Minos, that denied our course
CE IV.iv.62[Antipholus of Ephesus to Adriana] upon me the guilty doors were shut, / And I denied to enter in my house?
KL III.ii.66[disguised Kent to Lear, of those in the castle] Which even but now ... / Denied me to come in
MV II.ii.166[Gratiano to Bassanio] You must not deny me
R2 II.iii.128[Bolingbroke to York] I am denied to sue my livery here
R3 III.i.35[Buckingham to Hastings, of Queen Elizabeth releasing York] If she deny ... from her jealous arms pluck him perforce
Tit II.iii.174[Lavinia to Tamora] 'Tis present death I beg, and one thing more / That womanhood denies my tongue to tell