design (n.) Old form(s): designe, designes
undertaking, purpose, enterprise
AC V.i.43[Caesar to all, of Antony] my competitor / In top of all design [i.e. in the greatest of undertakings]
AW[First Lord to Bertram, of Parolles] hinder not the honour of his design
Cym III.v.154[Cloten to Pisanio] thou wilt be a voluntary mute to my design
LLL IV.i.87[Boyet reading Armado's letter to Jaquenetta] Thine in the dearest design of industry
LLL V.i.95[Armado to Holofernes] among other importunate and most serious designs
Mac II.i.55[Macbeth alone] withered Murder ... towards his design / Moves like a ghost
R2 I.iii.45[Lord Marshal to Bolingbroke, of the lists] officers / Appointed to direct these fair designs
R2 II.ii.44[Queen Isabel to Green, of King Richard] his designs crave haste
R3 I.ii.210[Richard to Anne, of Henry's cortege] leave these sad designs
R3 III.iv.24[Richard to all] I trust / My absence doth neglect no great design / Which by my presence might have been concluded
R3 III.vii.66[Buckingham to Catesby, of Richard] the Mayor and Aldermen, / In deep designs ... / Are come to have some conference with his grace
R3 IV.iv.417[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] be not peevish-fond in great designs
TC I.iii.102[Ulysses to all, of degree] Which is the ladder to all high designs
TC II.ii.195[Troilus to Hector, of his speech] there you touched the life of our design
WT IV.iv.499[Florizel to Camillo] I have / A vessel rides fast by, but not prepared / For this design

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