demand (v.) Old form(s): demaund
request to tell, question, ask [about]
2H6 II.i.170[Buckingham to King, of the conspirators] Demanding of King Henry's life and death
AW IV.iii.173[First Soldier to Parolles, reading] You shall demand of him whether one Captain Dumaine be i'th' camp
Cym III.vii.64[Belarius to disguised Innogen] We'll mannerly demand thee of thy story
Cym IV.ii.362[Lucius to disguised Innogen, of her fortunes] They crave to be demanded
Cym V.v.390[Cymbeline to all, of his questions] These ... should be demanded
H8 I.ii.153[Surveyor to King Henry, of Buckingham] The Duke .. did of me demand / What was the speech among the Londoners
Ham IV.ii.12[Hamlet to Rosencrantz] to be demanded of a sponge
KL III.ii.65[disguised Kent to Lear, of his visit to Regan's castle] demanding after you
Oth V.ii.298[Othello to all, of Iago] Will you ... demand that demi-devil / Why he hath thus ensnared my soul and body?
Tem I.ii.139.2[Prospero to Miranda] Well demanded, wench