drudge (n.) Old form(s): drudg, drugges
slave, serf, lackey
2H6 IV.i.105[Suffolk to himself, of the sailors] these paltry, servile, abject drudges
2H6 IV.ii.142[Stafford to rebels, of Cade] And will you credit this base drudge's words
AW I.iii.45[Clown to Countess] If I be his cuckold, he's my drudge
MV III.ii.103[Bassanio as if to silver] thou pale and common drudge / 'Tween man and man
Sonn.151.11[of the flesh] He is contented thy poor drudge to be
Tim IV.iii.255[Timon to Apemantus, of making progress in the world] To such as may the passive drudges of it / Freely command [F drugges]
TS IV.i.115[Petruchio to Grumio] you whoreson malthorse drudge!

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