ecstasy (n.) Old form(s): Extasie, extasies
fit, bout of madness, frenzied behaviour
CE IV.iv.49[Courtesan to all, of Antipholus of Ephesus] Mark how he trembles in his ecstasy
Ham II.i.102[Polonius to Ophelia, of Hamlet's behaviour] This is the very ecstasy of love
MA II.iii.152[Leonato to Claudio, of Beatrice] the ecstasy hath so much overborne her
Mac III.ii.22[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] better be with the dead ... / Than on the torture of the mind to lie / In restless ecstasy
Oth IV.i.79[Iago to Othello] I ... laid good scuse upon your ecstasy
Tem III.iii.110[Gonzalo to Adrian, of Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian] hinder them from what this ecstasy / May now provoke them to
Tit IV.i.125[Marcus alone, of Titus] Marcus, attend him in his ecstasy
Tit IV.iv.21[Saturninus to all, of Titus] his feigned ecstasies / Shall be no shelter to these outrages

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