estate (n.)
high rank, standing, status
2H6 III.i.206[King as if to Gloucester] What lowering star now envies thy estate
3H6 III.iii.150[Lewis to Queen] shall you have all kindness ... / That your estate requires
Cym V.v.22[Cymbeline to Belarius, Arviragus and Guiderius] I ... will fit you / With dignities becoming your estates
E3 II.i.99[Lodowick to King Edward, of the woman to whom he must write] Of what condition or estate she is / ... I should know
H8 IV.i.37.15[stage direction] Duke of Suffolk, in his robe of estate
Ham III.ii.270[Hamlet to all, of the players as Lucianus and the King] 'A poisons him i'th' garden for his estate
Ham III.iii.5[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] The terms of our estate may not endure / Hazard
Ham V.i.217[Hamlet to Horatio, of the person about to be buried] 'Twas of some estate
Luc.92[of Tarquin's ill-intent] For that he coloured with his high estate, / Hiding base sin in pleats of majesty
MV II.ix.41[Arragon to himself] O that estates, degrees, and offices / Were not derived corruptly
Per IV.iv.16[Gower alone, of Escanes] whom Helicanus late / Advanced in time to great and high estate
TN I.iii.104[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of Olivia] she'll not match above her degree, neither in estate, years, nor wit
TN I.v.248[Olivia to Viola as Cesario, of Orsino] I ... know him noble, / Of great estate