execution (n.)
action, performance, doing
2H4 IV.iii.71[Westmorland to Prince John] Retreat is made and execution stayed
Cor III.iii.21[Brutus to Aedile] Enforce the present execution / Of what we chance to sentence
KL I.i.137[Lear to Cornwall and Albany] the sway, / Revenue, execution of the rest ... be yours
Oth III.iii.463[Iago to Othello, as if to the elements] Iago doth give up / The execution of his wit, hands, heart, / To wronged Othello's service
TC I.iii.210[Ulysses to all, of the strategists who decide the use of a battering-ram] those that ... / By reason guide his execution
TNK I.iii.29[Emilia to Hippolyta, of Pirithous] his sports ... passed slightly / His careless execution [i.e. were played without his full attention]
TNK IV.iii.98[Doctor to Wooer, of his plan for the Gaoler's Daughter] Let us put it in execution
WT I.ii.260[Camillo to Leontes] To do a thing ... / Whereof the execution did cry out / Against the non-performance