expedient (adj.)
speedy, rapid, expeditious
2H6 III.i.288[Cardinal to all, of rebellion in Ireland] A breach that craves a quick expedient stop!
AW II.iii.178[King to Bertram, of Bertram's marriage] whose ceremony / Shall seem expedient on the now-born brief [or: proper] [unclear meaning]
E3 IV.iv.10[Audley to Prince Edward, of the French] This sudden, mighty, and expedient head
KJ II.i.223[King John to Hubert, of himself] Who painfully, with much expedient march, / Have brought a countercheck before your gates
KJ II.i.60[Chatillon to King Philip, of King John] His marches are expedient to this town
KJ IV.ii.268[King John to Hubert] to my closet bring / The angry lords with all expedient haste
R2 I.iv.39[Green to King Richard] for the rebels which stand out in Ireland, / Expedient manage must be made
R3 I.ii.216[Richard to Anne] I will with all expedient duty see you