entertainment (n.) Old form(s): entertainement, intertainment
treatment, hospitality, reception
AC III.xiii.140[Antony to Thidias, of Caesar] Tell him thy entertainment [i.e. how you have been treated]
AW III.vi.11[First Lord to Bertram, of Parolles] the owner of no one good quality worthy your lordship's entertainment [i.e. [patronage]
AW III.vi.35[Second Lord to Bertram, of Parolles] if you give him not John Drum's entertainment [i.e. a good beating]
E3 V.i.211[King Edward to King John] first to England thou must cross the seas, / To see what entertainment it affords
Tem I.ii.466[Ferdinand to Prospero] I will resist such entertainment
TN I.v.207[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] The rudeness that hath appeared in me have I learned from my entertainment
TN II.i.29[Antonio to Sebastian] Pardon me, sir, your bad entertainment [i.e. your treatment as my guest]
TS III.i.2[Lucentio as Cambio to Hortensio as Licio, of Bianca] Have you so soon forgot the entertainment / Her sister Katherine welcomed you withal?
Ven.1108[Venus as if to the world, of the boar killing Adonis] Witness the entertainment that he gave

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