emulation (n.) Old form(s): æmulations
ambitious rivalry, contention, conflict
1H6 IV.i.113[King to all] what madness rules in brainsick men, / When ... / Such factious emulations shall arise!
1H6 IV.iv.21[Lucy to Somerset] You ... / Keep off aloof with worthless emulation
JC II.iii.13[Artemidorus alone] My heart laments that virtue cannot live / Out of the teeth of emulation
Luc.1808[of Collatine and Lucretius] Brutus ... / Seeing such emulation in their woe / Began to clothe his wit in state and pride
R3 II.iii.25[Third Citizen to other citizens, of the succession] For emulation who shall now be nearest / Will touch us all too near
TC I.iii.134[Ulysses to Agamemnon] every step ... grows to an envious fever / Of pale and bloodless emulation
TC II.ii.213[Hector to all, of the Greeks] I was advertised their great general slept, / Whilst emulation in the army crept
TC III.iii.156[Ulysses to Achilles] emulation hath a thousand sons
TC IV.v.123[Hector to Ajax] The obligation of our blood forbids / A gory emulation 'twixt us twain