embassy (n.) Old form(s): ambassie , Embassie
message [especially via an ambassador]
H5 I.i.95[Canterbury to Ely, of the French ambassador] Then go we in to know his embassy
H5 I.ii.241[Ambassador to King Henry] shall we sparingly show you far off / The Dauphin's meaning and our embassy
KJ I.i.6[King John to Queen Eleanor, of Chatillon] Hear the embassy
KJ II.i.44[Constance to King Philip] Stay for an answer to your embassy
LLL II.i.3[Boyet to Princess, of her father] Consider ... what's his embassy
MW III.v.119[Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of Mistress Ford] I have received from her another embassy of meeting [F1 ambassie]
Sonn.45.6[] In tender embassy of love to thee
TN I.v.160[Olivia to Maria] We'll once more hear Orsino's embassy
WT I.i.28[Camillo to Archidamus, of Leontes and Polixenes] their encounters ... hath been royally attorneyed with interchange of gifts, letters, loving embassies

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