Contemporary figures, factual and fictitious

BEINGS VI Contemporary figures, factual and fictitious

Name Example Gloss
Adam MA I.i.239 Adam Bell, famous archer
Amurath 2H4 V.ii.48 16th-c Turkish sultan, Murad III, who killed all his brothers on ascending the throne; as did his successor
Andrew MV I.i.27 the Saint Andrew; name of a Spanish galleon captured at Cadiz in 1596
Basilisco KJ I.i.244 knight character in a contemporary play, Solyman and Perseda
Brownist TN III.ii.30 follower of Robert Browne, founder of a 16th-c religious sect advocating a new form of church government
Calipolis 2H4 II.iv.174 mother of Muly Mahamet, character in a contemporary play by George Peele, The Battle of Alcazar
Cambyses 1H4 II.iv.380 6th-c BC king of the Medes and Persians, as represented in a 16th-c play by Thomas Preston, Cambyses
Dowland PP.8.5 John Dowland; English composer and musician, 16th-c
Hiren 2H4 II.iv.155 character [thought to be a seductress] in a lost contemporary play by George Peele, The Turkish Mahomet and Hyrin the Fair Greek
Iniquity 1H4 II.iv.441 comic character representing vice in morality plays
Jeronimy, Saint TS induction.1.7 Jerome; but here a confusion with Hieronimo from Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy
Mall, Mistress TN I.iii.120 Mary; several contemporary figures possible, such as Mary Fitton, lady-in-waiting involved in a scandal of 1601
Monarcho LLL IV.i.100 contemporary fantastical character at court
Peg-a-Ramsey TN II.iii.74 spying wife in a contemporary ballad
Quinapalus TN I.v.32 imaginary name for a learned authority
Ringwood MW II.i.111 traditional name for an English hound
Ruffian 1H4 II.iv.442 character of a fiend in morality plays
Sackerson MW I.i.275 famous bear from the bear-baiting ring at Paris Garden, London
Solyman MV II.i.26 Suleiman, 16th-c sultan who fought against Persia
Sophy TN II.v.174 Shah of Persia, possibly Abbas the Great, 16th-c
Spenser PP.8.7 Edmund Spenser; English poet, 16th-c
Termagant Ham III.ii.13 noisy and overbearing character in mystery plays
Vanity 1H4 II.iv.442 character in morality plays
Vice 1H4 II.iv.441 buffoon character in morality plays

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