Modern locations are given using the traditional postal codes.

Location Example Gloss
Bedlam 2H6 V.i.131 Bethlehem Hospital for the insane, near Bishopsgate
Bridge, the R3 III.ii.70 London Bridge, over the River Thames
Bucklersbury MW III.iii.68 East End street with aromatic herb shops; near Mansion House, EC4
Cheapside 2H6 IV.ii.64 East End street, a main market area; near St Paul’s, EC2
Clement’s Inn 2H4 III.ii.13 Inn of Chancery, which trained students for the law; near the Strand, WC2
Counter-gate MW III.iii.74 gate of the Counter [Compter], debtor’s prisons in London, such as the one near Cheapside and the one in Southwark
Eastcheap 2H4 II.ii.141 East End street; near Monument, EC3
Fleet 2H4 V.v.94 debtor’s prison; near Fleet Street, EC4
Gray’s Inn 2H4 III.ii.31 Inn of Chancery, which trained students for the law; near Holborn, WC1
Limehouse H8 V.iv.61 riverside area named after the lime-kilns there which processed chalk from Kent; now E14
London Stone 2H6 ancient stone, possibly Roman, once a city landmark in Cannon Street; now EC4
Lud’s town Cym III.i.33 old name for London
Lumbert Street 2H4 II.i.27 Lombard Street, a trading street for merchants; near Monument, EC3
Marshalsea H8 V.iv.85 debtor’s prison in Southwark; near Borough, SE1
Mile-end AW IV.iii.262 area in the East End where the citizen militia drilled; Mile End Park; now E3
Moorditch 1H4 I.ii.78 filthy channel between Bishopsgate and Cripplegate; now EC2
Moorfields H8 V.iv.33 site once used for training militia; later a popular park; near Moorgate, EC2
Newgate 1H4 III.iii.89 main prison of the City of London; near Cheapside, EC2
Paul’s R3 St Paul’s Cathedral; now EC4
Pie Corner 2H4 II.i.25 at the corner of Smithfield, noted for its cook shops; now EC1
Saint George’s Field 2H4 III.ii.191 in Southwark, well known for its brothels; now SE1
Strachy TN II.v.39 [unknown meaning] possibly a local house or institution
Strand H8 V.iv.52 street of fashionable merchants; also, of apprentices; now WC2
Tower Hill H8 V.iv.61 site of the Tower scaffold, where executions drew crowds of spectators; now EC3
Turnbull Street 2H4 III.ii.295 disreputable East End street, peopled by thieves and prostitutes; now Turnmill Street, near Farringdon, EC1

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