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Henry VI Part 1

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter on the Walls, Puzel, Dolphin, Flourish. Enter, on the walls, Joan la Pucelle, Charles, 1H6
Reigneir, Alanson, and Souldiers.Reignier, Alençon, and soldiers 1H6
Aduance our wauing Colours on the Walls,Advance our waving colours on the walls;colours (n.)
battle-flags, ensigns, standards, banners
advance (v.)

old form: Aduance
raise, lift up, upraise
Rescu'd is Orleance from the English.Rescued is Orleans from the English. 1H6
Thus Ioane de Puzel hath perform'd her word.Thus Joan la Pucelle hath performed her word. 1H6
Diuinest Creature, Astrea's Daughter,Divinest creature, Astraea's daughter,Astraea (n.)
[pron: 'astria] daughter of Zeus and Themis; Greek goddess of justice
How shall I honour thee for this successe?How shall I honour thee for this success? 1H6
Thy promises are like Adonis Garden,Thy promises are like Adonis' garden,Adonis (n.)
[pron: a'dohnis] handsome young man loved by Aphrodite (Greek goddess of sexual love) or (in Roman mythology) Venus
That one day bloom'd, and fruitfull were the next.That one day bloomed and fruitful were the next. 1H6
France, triumph in thy glorious Prophetesse,France, triumph in thy glorious prophetess! 1H6
Recouer'd is the Towne of Orleance,Recovered is the town of Orleans. 1H6
More blessed hap did ne're befall our State.More blessed hap did ne'er befall our state.hap (n.)
fortune, lot, fate
befall (v.), past forms befallen, befell
happen to, come to
Reigneir. REIGNIER 
Why ring not out the Bells alowd, / Throughout the Towne?Why ring not out the bells aloud throughout the town? 1H6
Dolphin command the Citizens make Bonfires,Dauphin, command the citizens make bonfires 1H6
And feast and banquet in the open streets,And feast and banquet in the open streets 1H6
To celebrate the ioy that God hath giuen vs.To celebrate the joy that God hath given us. 1H6
All France will be repleat with mirth and ioy,All France will be replete with mirth and joy 1H6
When they shall heare how we haue play'd the men.When they shall hear how we have played the men. 1H6
'Tis Ioane, not we, by whom the day is wonne:'Tis Joan, not we, by whom the day is won; 1H6
For which, I will diuide my Crowne with her,For which I will divide my crown with her, 1H6
And all the Priests and Fryers in my Realme,And all the priests and friars in my realm 1H6
Shall in procession sing her endlesse prayse.Shall in procession sing her endless praise. 1H6
A statelyer Pyramis to her Ile reare,A statelier pyramis to her I'll rearpyramis (n.)
Then Rhodophe's or Memphis euer was.Than Rhodope's of Memphis ever was.Rhodope (n.)
[pron: 'rodopee] Greek courtesan who became queen of Memphis, and the supposed builder of the third pyramid
In memorie of her, when she is dead,In memory of her, when she is dead, 1H6
Her Ashes, in an Vrne more preciousHer ashes, in an urn more precious 1H6
Then the rich-iewel'd Coffer of Darius,Than the rich-jewelled coffer of Darius,Darius (n.)
[pron: da'riyus], 'darius] Darius the Great, 6th-c BC king of Persia
Transported, shall be at high FestiualsTransported shall be at high festivalshigh (adj.)
important, major, special
Before the Kings and Queenes of France.Before the kings and queens of France. 1H6
No longer on Saint Dennis will we cry,No longer on Saint Denis will we cry,on (prep.)
in the name of
Denis, Saint
in Christian tradition, the first apostle of France, 3rd-c
But Ioane de Puzel shall be France's Saint.But Joan la Pucelle shall be France's saint. 1H6
Come in, and let vs Banquet Royally,Come in, and let us banquet royally 1H6
After this Golden Day of Victorie.After this golden day of victory. 1H6
Flourish. Exeunt.Flourish. Exeunt 1H6
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