Richard II

Character circles

KING RICHARD, later RICHARD S E R V I N G M A N BOLINGBROKES PARTY RICHARDS PARTY ABBOT OF WESTMINSTER Edmund of Langley Duke of YORK BISHOP OF CARLISLE Lord BERKELEY Lord WILLOUGHBY Lord ROSS Sir Stephen SCROOP Earl of SALISBURY Sir Piers EXTON Lord FITZWATER Thomas MOWBRAY, Duke of Norfolk Harry PERCY (Hotspur) Duke of SURREY Henry Percy Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND Henry BOLINGBROKE, later KING HENRY IV JOHN OF GAUNT Duke of Lancaster Edward, Earl of Rutland, Duke of AUMERLE Edward (The Black Prince) [Edward III] 1st Son 5th Son 4th Son 6th Son [Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester] DUCHESS OF YORK DUCHESS OF GLOUCESTER GARDENER BUSHY HERALDS 1ST 2ND Nobles LORD MARSHAL Attendants Guards BAGOT LADY MAN LORD GREEN QUEEN ISABEL MAN 1ST 2ND LORDS kills 1ST 2ND son son son son spouse spouse spouse favourites Servant THE ENGLISH COURT G R O O M K E E P E R C A P T A I N a n t a g o n i s t s