Much Ado About Nothing

Character circles

ARRAGON MESSINA CONRADE WATCHMEN BALTHASAR BENEDICK BEATRICE HERO BOY CLAUDIO BORACHIO MARGARET ANTONIO LEONATO governor URSULA LORD DON JOHN SEXTON DON PEDRO Prince of Arragon DOGBERRY constable VERGES headborough FRIAR Francis attendants suitor, later betrothed 1ST 2ND daughter brothers niece servant followers half- brothers witty antagonists singer lords M E S S E N G E R d e c e i v e r DON PEDRO 705190 DON PEDRO, Prince of Arragon BENEDICK 705182 BENEDICK, of Padua CLAUDIO 705185 CLAUDIO, of Florence [County] DON JOHN 705189 DON JOHN, Don Pedros bastard brother BORACHIO 705183 BORACHIO CONRADE 705186 CONRADE [Conrad] CONRADE <i>and</i> BORACHIO 705187 CONRADE [Conrad] CONRADE <i>and</i> BORACHIO 705187 BORACHIO LEONATO 705194 LEONATO, Governor of Messina ANTONIO 705179 ANTONIO, his brother, an old man BALTHASAR 705180 BALTHASAR, a singer FRIAR 705192 FRIAR FRANCIS, a priest HERO 705193 HERO, Leonatos daughter MARGARET 705195 MARGARET [Meg] URSULA 705199 URSULA BEATRICE 705181 BEATRICE, an orphan, Leonatos niece DOGBERRY 705188 DOGBERRY, the Constable in charge of the Watch. VERGES 705200 VERGES, the Headborough, Dogberrys part - ner in authority MESSENGER 705196 MESSENGER BOY 705184 A BOY, servant to Benedick FIRST WATCHMAN 705191 FIRST WATCHMAN SECOND WATCHMAN 705197 SECOND WATCHMAN SEXTON 705198 SEXTON [Francis Seacole] A LORD 705178 LORD

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