The Taming of the Shrew

Character circles

Christopher SLY BAPTISTAS HOUSEHOLD PETRUCHIOS HOUSEHOLD INDUCTION PRESENTERS VINCENTIO PETRUCHIO GRUMIO CURTIS TAILOR HABERDASHER NICHOLAS PETER NATHANIEL PHILIP JOSEPH LUCENTIO (Cambio) PEDANT (Vincentio) TRANIO (Lucentio) HORTENSIO (Licio) KATHERINA BIONDELLO BAPTISTA Minola HOSTESS of tavern BIANCA GREMIO WIDOW LORD 1ST 1ST 1ST 2ND 2ND 3RD servants servants lover son suitors suitor SERVANT daughters S E R V I N G M E N H U N T S M E N P A G E P L A Y E R S ALL SERVANTS 192 UNISON GREMIO 202 GREMIO, a wealthy old citizen of Padua, suitor for the hand of Bianca GREMIO <i>and</i> TRANIO 227 GREMIO, a wealthy old citizen of Padua, suitor for the hand of Bianca SLY 221 CHRISTOPHER SLY, a drunken tinker [Christophero] HOSTESS 206 LORD 209 A Lord BAPTISTA 194 BAPTISTA MINOLA, a wealthy citizen of Padua KATHERINA 208 KATHERINA, the Shrew, elder daughter of Baptista [Katherine Minola; Kate] PETRUCHIO 216 PETRUCHIO, a gentleman of Verona, suitor for the hand of Katherina GRUMIO 203 GRUMIO, Petruchios personal lackey GRUMIO <i>and</i> BIONDELLO 228 GRUMIO, Petruchios personal lackey CURTIS 197 CURTIS, Petruchios servant, in charge of his country house TAILOR 222 A Tailor HABERDASHER 204 A Haberdasher BIANCA 195 BIANCA, the Prize, younger daughter of Baptista HORTENSIO 205 HORTENSIO, a gentleman of Padua, suit - or for the hand of Bianca [also disguised as Licio] LUCENTIO 210 LUCENTIO, a gentleman of Pisa, in love with Bianca [also disguised as Cambio] TRANIO 224 BIONDELLO 196 BIONDELLO, Lucentios second servant VINCENTIO 225 VINCENTIO, a wealthy citizen of Pisa, father of Lucentio PEDANT 214 A Pedant of Mantua [Schoolmaster; also dis - guised as Vincentio] WIDOW 226 A Widow, in love with Hortensio FIRST HUNTSMAN 198 FIRST HUNTSMAN FIRST SERVINGMAN 201 FIRST SERVINGMAN JOSEPH 207 JOSEPH NATHANIEL 211 NATHANIEL NICHOLAS 212 NICHOLAS PETER 215 PETER PHILIP 217 PHILIP GRUMIO <i>and</i> BIONDELLO 228 BIONDELLO, Lucentios second servant SECOND HUNTSMAN 218 SECOND HUNTSMAN SECOND SERVINGMAN 219 SECOND SERVINGMAN THIRD SERVINGMAN 223 THIRD SERVINGMAN SERVINGMAN 705930 FIRST SERVINGMAN PLAYERS 199 A company of strolling Players FIRST PLAYER 200 FIRST PLAYER GREMIO <i>and</i> TRANIO 227 SERVANT 220 Servant attending on Baptista ALL SERVANTS 192 UNISON Lords Servingmen ALL SERVINGMEN 193 UNISON Petruchios Servingmen FIRST SERVINGMAN OF PETRUCHIO 705931 FIRST SERVINGMAN of Petruchio

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