Measure for Measure

Character circles

L o r d s M E S S E N G E R A t t e n d a n t s i n l o v e w i t h Varrius ESCALUS FRIAR PETER MONAS TERY GENTRY CITY LAW COURT FRIAR THOMAS CLAUDIO ISABELLA JULIET GENTLEMEN LUCIO 1ST 2ND FROTH FRANCISCA ANGELO JUSTICE POMPEY (Bum) PROVOST MISTRESS OVERDONE bawd Gaoler ABHORSON executioner ELBOW constable BARNADINE prisoner MARIANA BOY DUKE Vincentio (Friar Lodowick) betrothed friend Citizens servant SERVANT attendant deputy sibs lovers lord monks nun DUKE 705293 Vincentio, the DUKE [Duke of Vienna; later, disguised as Friar Lodowick] ANGELO 705288 ANGELO, the Deputy ANGELO <i>and</i> ESCALUS 705289 ANGELO, the Deputy ESCALUS 705295 ESCALUS, an ancient Lord ANGELO <i>and</i> ESCALUS 705289 ESCALUS, an ancient Lord CLAUDIO 705292 CLAUDIO, a young Gentleman LUCIO 705304 LUCIO, a Fantastic FIRST GENTLEMAN 705296 First Gentleman SECOND GENTLEMAN 705311 Second Gentleman PROVOST 705310 PROVOST FRIAR THOMAS 705299 FRIAR THOMAS FRIAR PETER 705298 FRIAR PETER ELBOW 705294 ELBOW, a simple Constable FROTH 705300 FROTH, a foolish Gentleman POMPEY 705308 POMPEY, a Clown, servant to Mistress Overdone [Bum] ABHORSON 705287 ABHORSON, an Executioner BARNARDINE 705290 BARNARDINE, a dissolute Prisoner JUSTICE 705303 JUSTICE ISABELLA 705301 ISABELLA, sister to Claudio [Isabel] MARIANA 705305 MARIANA, betrothed to Angelo JULIET 705302 JULIET, beloved of Claudio [Julietta] FRANCISCA 705297 FRANCISCA, a Nun MISTRESS OVERDONE 705307 MISTRESS OVERDONE, a Bawd BOY 705291 A Boy MESSENGER 705306 A Messenger SERVANT 705312 Servant to Angelo

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