Romeo and Juliet

Character circles

G u e s t s FOLLOWER and others Escalus PRINCE of Verona County [Count] PARIS SERVANT (clown) APOTHECARY of Mantua THE HOUSE OF MONTAGUE THE VERONA COURT CHORUS THE HOUSE OF CAPULET VERONA CITIZENS MONTAGUE SERVINGMAN CAPULET MUSICIANS BENVOLIO ROMEO ABRAM JULIET PAGE NURSE TYBALT PETER CITIZEN Page SAMPSON GREGORY BALTHASAR FRIAR LAURENCE LADY MONTAGUE LADY CAPULET COUSIN CAPULET FRIAR JOHN (JOHN) 3RD (Anthony) 4TH (Potpan) servant friend friend lovers suitor counsellor counsellor kills kills nephew spouse spouse son daughter household members nephew kinsman kinsman SERVINGMEN kinsman MERCUTIO servant servant 1ST 1ST 2ND 3RD FIDDLER 2ND C i t i z e n s M a s k e r s T o r c h b e a r e r s 1ST 2ND 3RD WATCHMEN PRINCE 705531 ESCALUS, Prince of Verona MERCUTIO 705525 MERCUTIO, kinsman to the Prince and friend of Romeo PARIS 705529 PARIS, a young count, kinsman of the Prince and Mercutio, and suitor of Juliet [County] WATCHMAN 705543 Watchman PAGE 705528 Page to Count Paris MONTAGUE 705526 MONTAGUE, head of a Veronese family at feud with the Capulets LADY MONTAGUE 705523 LADY MONTAGUE ROMEO 705532 ROMEO, son of Montague BENVOLIO 705505 BENVOLIO, nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo and Mercutio