Henry V

Character circles

L o r d s M E S S E N G E R S o l d i e r s H e r a l d A M B A S S A D O R ( M o n s i e u r l e F e r ) H a r f e u r C i t i z e n s G O V E R N O R H E R A L D THE ENGLISH COURT THE ENGLISH ARMY CHORUS THE FRENCH COURT [Henry IV] Duke of BEDFORD Duke of YORK Earl of WESTMORLAND Sir Thomas ERPINGHAM Lieutenant BARDOLPH HOSTESS Quickly Ancient [Ensign] PISTOL John BATES Alexander COURT Michael WILLIAMS Corporal NYM Captain FLUELLEN Captain GOWER Captain JAMY Captain MACMORRIS Earl of Huntingdon Earl of WARWICK Earl of SALISBURY Richard, Earl of CAMBRIDGE Sir Thomas GREY Henry, Lord SCROOP Duke of EXETER Duke of BOURBON Duke of BRITAINE CHARLES VI King of France QUEEN ISABEL Duke of Berri GRANDPRÉ RAMBURES KATHERINE ALICE Duke of ORLEANS Duke of BURGUNDY Charles Delabreth, CONSTABLE Lewis, the DAUPHIN KING HENRY V Duke of Clarence Duke of GLOUCESTER sons son maid spouse daughter cousin uncle marries visits in disguise Conspirators Soldiers Associates of spouse servant B i s h o p o f A r c h b i s h o p o f E L Y C A N T E R B U R Y M O N T J O Y , 1 S T F R E N C H S O L D I E R o f BOY