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Character circles

M E S S E N G E R S o l d i e r s SICILIUS Leonatus 1ST BROTHER LADIES QUEENS LADY QUEEN CLOTEN PHILARIO FRENCHMAN Spaniard Dutchman IACHIMO deceiver of Innogen LADY (Helen) PISANIO CAPTAINS CAPTAIN 1ST LADY CORNELIUS GENTLEMEN SINGER INNOGEN (Fidele) BELARIUS (Morgan) GUIDERIUS (Polydore) ARVIRAGUS (Cadwal) POSTHUMUS Leonatus (Gentleman) CYMBELINE King of Britain 2ND BROTHER JUPITER MOTHER spouse sons friends THE VISION WALES ROMAN SOCIETY ROMAN ARMY THE COURT ITALY second spouse suitor servant son sons physician daughter spouse adopted sons banished lord maid friends S o l d i e r s A T T E N D A N T 1ST 2ND 1ST 2ND SOOTHSAYER Philharmonus Caius LUCIUS General SENATORS TRIBUNES 1ST 2ND 1ST GAOLERS 1ST 2ND LORDS LORD 1ST 2ND CYMBELINE 704583 CYMBELINE, King of Britain CLOTEN 704580 CLOTEN, son to the Queen by a former husband CLOTEN <i>and</i> LORDS 704581 CLOTEN, son to the Queen by a former husband POSTHUMUS 704606 POSTHUMUS LEONATUS, a gentleman, husband to Innogen BELARIUS 704576 BELARIUS, a banished Lord, disguised under the name of Morgan GUIDERIUS 704593 GUIDERIUS [Polydore] GUIDERIUS <i>and</i> ARVIRAGUS 704594 GUIDERIUS [Polydore] ARVIRAGUS 704574 ARVIRAGUS [Cadwal] GUIDERIUS <i>and</i> ARVIRAGUS 704594 ARVIRAGUS [Cadwal] PHILARIO 704604 PHILARIO, friend to Posthumus [Filario] IACHIMO 704595 IACHIMO, friend to Philario [Giacomo] LUCIUS 704601 CAIUS LUCIUS, General of the Roman forces PISANIO 704605 PISANIO, servant to Posthumus CORNELIUS 704582 CORNELIUS, a physician SOOTHSAYER 704615 PHILARMONUS, a soothsayer QUEEN 704607 QUEEN, wife to Cymbeline INNOGEN 704596 INNOGEN, daughter to Cymbeline by a former Queen [Imogen; later disguised as Fidele] FIRST GAOLER 704586 First Gaoler [Jailer] SECOND GAOLER 704610 First Gaoler [Jailer] JUPITER 704597 JUPITER FIRST GENTLEMAN 704587 First Gentleman SECOND GENTLEMAN 704611 Second Gentleman FIRST LORD 704589 First Lord SECOND LORD 704612 Second Lord QUEEN'S LADY 704599 A Lady FRENCHMAN 704592 A Frenchman,