Troilus and Cressida

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Paris, Troylus, Aneas, Deiphebus, Anthenor Enter Paris, Troilus, Aeneas, Deiphobus, Antenor, TC IV.iii.1.1
andDiomedes.and Diomedes TC IV.iii.1.2
Itis great morning, and the houre prefixtIt is great morning, and the hour prefixedprefixed (adj.)

old form: prefixt
fixed, settled, prearranged, decided in advance
TC IV.iii.1
great (adj.)
high, full
Of her deliuerie to this valiant GreekeOf her delivery to this valiant Greek TC IV.iii.2
Comes fast vpon: good my brother Troylus,Comes fast upon. Good my brother Troilus,come upon (v.)

old form: vpon
approach, descend on
TC IV.iii.3
Tell you the Lady what she is to doe,Tell you the lady what she is to do, TC IV.iii.4
And hast her to the purpose.And haste her to the purpose.purpose (n.)
outcome, result, end
TC IV.iii.5.1
Walke into her house:Walk into her house. TC IV.iii.5.2
Ile bring her to the Grecian presently;I'll bring her to the Grecian presently;presently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
TC IV.iii.6
And to his hand, when I deliuer her,And to his hand when I deliver her, TC IV.iii.7
Thinke it an Altar, and thy brother TroylusThink it an altar, and thy brother Troilus TC IV.iii.8
A Priest, there offring to it his heart.A priest, there offering to it his own heart. TC IV.iii.9
I know what 'tis to loue,I know what 'tis to love; TC IV.iii.10
And would, as I shall pittie, I could helpe.And would, as I shall pity, I could help. –  TC IV.iii.11
Please you walke in, my Lords. Please you walk in, my lords. TC IV.iii.12
Exeunt.Exeunt TC IV.iii.12
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