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Enter Thaliard solus.Enter Thaliard alone Per I.iii.1
So this is Tyre, and this the Court, heere mustSo this is Tyre, and this the court. Here must Per I.iii.1
I kill King Pericles, and if I doe it not, I am sure to beI kill King Pericles; and if I do it not, I am sure to be Per I.iii.2
hang'd at home : t'is daungerous. Well, I perceiue hehanged at home. 'Tis dangerous. Well, I perceive he Per I.iii.3
was a wise fellowe, and had good discretion, that beeingwas a wise fellow and had good discretion that, being Per I.iii.4
bid to aske what hee would of the King, desired he mightbid to ask what he would of the king, desired he might Per I.iii.5
knowe none of his secrets. Now doe I see hee had someknow none of his secrets. Now do I see he had some Per I.iii.6
reason for't: for if a king bidde a man bee a villaine, hee'sreason for't, for if a king bid a man be a villain, he's Per I.iii.7
bound by the indenture of his oath to bee one. Husht,bound by the indenture of his oath to be one. Husht!indenture (n.)
contract, agreement
Per I.iii.8
husht (int.)
be quiet
heere comes the Lords of Tyre.Here comes the lords of Tyre. Per I.iii.9
Enter Hellicanus, Escanes, with other Lords.Enter Helicanus and Escanes, with other lords Per I.iii.10
You shall not neede my fellow-Peers of Tyre,You shall not need, my fellow peers of Tyre, Per I.iii.10
further to question mee of your kings departure:Further to question me of your King's departure.question (v.)
enquire about, discuss, deliberate
Per I.iii.11
his sealed Commission left in trust with mee,His sealed commission, left in trust with me,commission (n.)
warrant, authority [to act]
Per I.iii.12
does speake sufficiently hee's gone to trauaile.Doth speak sufficiently he's gone to travel.go (v.)
go off, set about, proceed
Per I.iii.13
(aside) Per I.iii.14
How? the King gone?How? the King gone? Per I.iii.14
If further yet you will be satisfied,If further yet you will be satisfied Per I.iii.15
(why as it were vnlicensed of your loues)Why, as it were, unlicensed of your lovesunlicensed (adj.)

old form: vnlicensed
without permission, lacking the assent
Per I.iii.16
he would depart? Ile giue some light vnto you,He would depart, I'll give some light unto you. Per I.iii.17
beeing at Antioch.Being at Antioch – Per I.iii.18.1
(aside) Per I.iii.18
What from Antioch?What from Antioch? Per I.iii.18.2
Royall Antiochus on what cause I knowe not,Royal Antiochus, on what cause I know not, Per I.iii.19
tooke some displeasure at him, at least hee iudg'de so: andTook some displeasure at him; at least he judged so. Per I.iii.20
doubting lest hee had err'de or sinn'de,And doubting lest he had erred or sinned,doubt (v.)
fear, be afraid [for], feel anxious [for]
Per I.iii.21
to shewe his sorrow, hee'de correct himselfe;To show his sorrow he'd correct himself;correct (v.)
punish, chastise, reprimand
Per I.iii.22
so puts himselfe vnto the Shipmans toyle,So puts himself unto the shipman's toil, Per I.iii.23
with whome eache minute threatens life or death.With whom each minute threatens life or death. Per I.iii.24
(aside) Per I.iii.25
Well, I perceiue I shall not be hang'dWell, I perceive I shall not be hanged Per I.iii.25
now, although I would, but since hee's gone, the Kingsnow although I would; but since he's gone, the King's Per I.iii.26
seas must please: hee scap'te the Land to perish at theseas must please; he 'scaped the land to perish at thescape, 'scape (v.)

old form: scap'te
escape, avoid
Per I.iii.27
Sea, I'le present my selfe.sea. I'll present myself. Per I.iii.28
He comes forward Per I.iii.29
Peace to the Lords of Tyre.Peace to the lords of Tyre! Per I.iii.29
Lord Thaliard from Antiochus is welcome.Lord Thaliard from Antiochus is welcome. Per I.iii.30
From him I comeFrom him I come Per I.iii.31
with message vnto princely Pericles,With message unto princely Pericles, Per I.iii.32
but since my landing, I haue vnderstoodBut since my landing I have understood Per I.iii.33
your Lord has betake himselfe to vnknowne trauailes,Your lord has betaken himself to unknown travels. Per I.iii.34
now message must returne from whence it came.Now my message must return from whence it came. Per I.iii.35
Wee haue no reason to desire it,We have no reason to desire it, Per I.iii.36
commended to our maister not to vs,Commended to our master, not to us.commend (v.)
declare, offer, direct
Per I.iii.37
yet ere you shall depart, this wee desireYet, ere you shall depart, this we desire, Per I.iii.38
as friends to Antioch wee may feast in Tyre.As friends to Antioch, we may feast in Tyre. Per I.iii.39
Exit.Exeunt Per I.iii.39
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