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Enter Cerimon, and Tharsa.Enter Cerimon and Thaisa Per III.iv.1.1
Madam, this Letter, and some certaine Iewels,Madam, this letter, and some certain jewels, Per III.iv.1
Lay with you in your Coffer, which areLay with you in your coffer, which arecoffer (n.)
box, chest
Per III.iv.2
at your command: / Know you the Charecter?At your command. Know you the character?character (n.)

old form: Charecter
handwriting, style of writing, lettering
Per III.iv.3
It is my Lords,It is my lord's. Per III.iv.4
that I was shipt at sea I well remember,That I was shipped at sea I well remember, Per III.iv.5
euen on my learning time, but whether thereEven on my bearing time. But whether therebearing (adj.)
child-bearing, of labour
Per III.iv.6
deliuered, by the holie godsDelivered, by the holy gods, Per III.iv.7
I cannot rightly say: but since King PericlesI cannot rightly say. But since King Pericles, Per III.iv.8
my wedded Lord, I nere shall see againe,My wedded lord, I ne'er shall see again, Per III.iv.9
a vastall liuerie will I take me to,A vestal livery will I take me to,livery (n.)

old form: liuerie
uniform, costume, special clothing
Per III.iv.10
take to (v.)
have recourse to, take oneself off to
vestal (adj.)

old form: vastall
as a virgin priestess
and neuer more haue ioy.And never more have joy. Per III.iv.11
Madam, if this you purpose as ye speake,Madam, if this you purpose as ye speak,purpose (v.)
intend, plan
Per III.iv.12
Dianaes Temple is not distant farre,Diana's temple is not distant far,Diana, Dian (n.)
Roman goddess associated with the Moon, chastity, and hunting
Per III.iv.13
Where you may abide till your date expire,Where you may abide till your date (n.)
lifetime, term of existence
Per III.iv.14
Moreouer if you please a Neece of mine,Moreover, if you please, a niece of mine Per III.iv.15
Shall there attend you.Shall there attend you.attend (v.)
serve, follow, wait [on/upon]
Per III.iv.16
My recompence is thanks, thats all,My recompense is thanks, that's all; Per III.iv.17
Yet my good will is great, though the gift small.Yet my good will is great, though the gift small. Per III.iv.18
Exit.Exeunt Per III.iv.18
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