Timon of Athens

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter a Souldier in the Woods, seeking Timon.Enter a Soldier in the woods, seeking Timon Tim V.iii.1
By all description this should be the place.By all description this should be the place. Tim V.iii.1
Whose heere? Speake hoa. No answer? What is this?Who's here? Speak, ho! No answer! What is this? Tim V.iii.2
(He reads) Tim V.iii.3.1
Tymon is dead, who hath out-stretcht his span,Timon is dead, who hath outstretched his span.outstretch (v.)

old form: out-stretcht
stretch out to the end, strain beyond the limit
Tim V.iii.3
span (n.)
span of life
Some Beast reade this; There do's not liue a Man.Some beast read this; there does not live a man. Tim V.iii.4
Dead sure, and this his Graue, what's on this Tomb,Dead, sure, and this his grave. What's on this tomb Tim V.iii.5
I cannot read: the Charracter Ile take with wax,I cannot read. The character I'll take with wax.character (n.)

old form: Charracter
handwriting, style of writing, lettering
Tim V.iii.6
Our Captaine hath in euery Figure skill;Our captain hath in every figure skill,figure (n.)
writing system, type of orthography
Tim V.iii.7
An ag'd Interpreter, though yong in dayes:An aged interpreter, though young in days.aged (adj.)

old form: ag'd
experienced, accomplished, mature
Tim V.iii.8
Before proud Athens hee's set downe by this,Before proud Athens he's set down by this,set down (v.)

old form: downe
encamp, lay siege
Tim V.iii.9
this, by
by this time
Whose fall the marke of his Ambition is. Whose fall the mark of his ambition is.mark (n.)

old form: marke
target, goal, aim
Tim V.iii.10
Exit.Exit Tim V.iii.10
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