The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Euans, and Simple.Enter Evans and Simple MW I.ii.1
Go your waies, and aske of Doctor Caius house,Go your ways, and ask of Doctor Caius's house MW I.ii.1
which is the way; and there dwels one Mistris Quickly;which is the way. And there dwells one Mistress Quickly, MW I.ii.2
which is in the manner of his Nurse; or his dry-Nurse;which is in the manner of his nurse, or his dry nurse,dry nurse (n.)

old form: dry-Nurse
MW I.ii.3
or his Cooke; or his Laundry; his Washer, and his Ringer.or his cook, or his laundry, his washer, and his wringer.laundry (n.)
MW I.ii.4
Well Sir.Well, sir. MW I.ii.5
Nay, it is petter yet: giue her this letter; for it is aNay, it is petter yet. Give her this letter, for it is a MW I.ii.6
'oman that altogeathers acquaintãce with Mistris Anne'oman that altogether's acquaintance with Mistress Annealtogether (adv.)

old form: altogeathers
entirely, wholly, exclusively
MW I.ii.7
Page; and the Letter is to desire, and require her to Page. And the letter is to desire and require her torequire (v.)
request, ask, beg
MW I.ii.8
solicite your Masters desires, to Mistris Anne Page: solicit your master's desires to Mistress Anne Page. MW I.ii.9
I pray you be gon: I will make an end of my dinner;I pray you be gone. I will make an end of my dinner – MW I.ii.10
ther's Pippins and Cheese to come. there's pippins and cheese to come. MW I.ii.11
Exeunt.Exeunt MW I.ii.11
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