The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Host and Bardolfe.Enter Host and Bardolph MW IV.iii.1
Sir, the Germane desires to haue three of yourSir, the Germans desire to have three of your MW IV.iii.1
horses: the Duke himselfe will be to morrow at Court,horses. The Duke himself will be tomorrow at court, MW IV.iii.2
and they are going to meet him.and they are going to meet him. MW IV.iii.3
Host. HOST 
What Duke should that be comes so secretly? I What duke should that be comes so secretly? I MW IV.iii.4
heare not of him in the Court: let mee speake with thehear not of him in the court. Let me speak with the MW IV.iii.5
Gentlemen, they speake English?gentlemen. They speak English? MW IV.iii.6
I Sir? Ile call him to you.Ay, sir. I'll call them to you. MW IV.iii.7
Host. HOST 
They shall haue my horses, but Ile make them pay: They shall have my horses, but I'll make them pay. MW IV.iii.8
Ile sauce them, they haue had my houses a week atI'll sauce them. They have had my house a week at MW IV.iii.9
commaund: I haue turn'd away my other guests, theycommand. I have turned away my other guests. Theycommand, at / upon
at one's disposal, at one's pleasure
MW IV.iii.10
must come off, Ile sawce them, come. must come off. I'll sauce them. Come.sauce (v.)

old form: sawce
make things hot for, charge extortionately
MW IV.iii.11
come off (v.)
pay up, settle up
ExeuntExeunt MW IV.iii.11
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