The Merry Wives of Windsor

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Falstoffe, Quickly, and Ford.Enter Falstaff and Mistress Quickly MW V.i.1.1
Pre'thee no more pratling: go, Ile hold, thisPrithee no more prattling. Go. I'll hold. Thishold (v.)
stand firm, continue, carry on
MW V.i.1
is the third time: I hope good lucke lies in odde numbers:is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers. MW V.i.2
Away, go, they say there is Diuinity in odde Numbers,Away; go. They say there is divinity in odd numbers,divinity (n.)

old form: Diuinity
divination, divine power, supernatural presence
MW V.i.3
either in natiuity, chance, or death: away.either in nativity, chance, or death. Away. MW V.i.4
Ile prouide you a chaine, and Ile doI'll provide you a chain, and I'll do MW V.i.5
what I can to get you a paire of hornes.what I can to get you a pair of horns. MW V.i.6
Away I say, time weares, hold vp your headAway, I say; time wears. Hold up your head,wear (v.)

old form: weares
pass, waste, run out
MW V.i.7
& mince.and mince.mince (v.)
walk like a lady, walk with delicate short steps
MW V.i.8
Exit Mistress Quickly MW V.i.8
Enter Ford disguised as Brook MW V.i.9
How now M. Broome? Master Broome, the matter willHow now, Master Brook! Master Brook, the matter will MW V.i.9
be knowne to night, or neuer. Bee you in the Parke aboutbe known tonight or never. Be you in the Park aboutpark (n.)

old form: Parke
hunting ground
MW V.i.10
midnight, at Hernes-Oake, and you shall see wonders.midnight, at Herne's Oak, and you shall see wonders. MW V.i.11
Ford. FORD 
Went you not to her yesterday (Sir) as you told meWent you not to her yesterday, sir, as you told me MW V.i.12
you had appointed?you had appointed? MW V.i.13
I went to her (Master Broome) as you see, likeI went to her, Master Brook, as you see, like MW V.i.14
a poore-old-man, but I came from her (Master Broome) likea poor old man. But I came from her, Master Brook, like MW V.i.15
a poore-old-woman; that same knaue (Ford hir husband)a poor old woman. That same knave Ford, her husband,knave (n.)

old form: knaue
scoundrel, rascal, rogue
MW V.i.16
hath the finest mad diuell of iealousie in him (Master hath the finest mad devil of jealousy in him, Master MW V.i.17
Broome) that euer gouern'd Frensie. I will tell you, heBrook, that ever governed frenzy. I will tell you: he MW V.i.18
beate me greeuously, in the shape of a woman: (for in the beat me grievously, in the shape of a woman; for in the MW V.i.19
shape of Man (Master Broome) I feare not Goliah with ashape of man, Master Brook, I fear not Goliath with aGolias, Goliath (n.)
[pron: go'liyas] in the Bible, Goliath; a giant, seen as a model of strength
MW V.i.20
Weauers beame, because I know also, life is a Shuttle) Iweaver's beam, because I know also life is a shuttle. Ibeam (n.)

old form: beame
wooden roller in a loom
MW V.i.21
am in hast, go along with mee, Ile tell you all (Master am in haste. Go along with me. I'll tell you all, Master MW V.i.22
Broome:) since I pluckt Geese, plaide Trewant, and whiptBrook. Since I plucked geese, played truant and whipped MW V.i.23
Top, I knew not what 'twas to be beaten, till, I knew not what 'twas to be beaten till lately. MW V.i.24
Follow mee, Ile tell you strange things of this knaue Follow me. I'll tell you strange things of this knave MW V.i.25
Ford, on whom to night I will be reuenged, and I willFord, on whom tonight I will be revenged. And I will MW V.i.26
deliuer his wife into your hand. Follow, straunge thingsdeliver his wife into your hand. Follow. Strange things MW V.i.27
in hand (M. Broome) follow. in hand, Master Brook! Follow. MW V.i.28
Exeunt.Exeunt MW V.i.28
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