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A flourish. Cornets. Enter Tullus Auffidius bloudie, A flourish. Cornets. Enter Tullus Aufidius, bloody, Cor I.x.1.1
with two or three Souldiors.with two or three Soldiers Cor I.x.1.2
The Towne is ta'ne.The town is ta'en. Cor I.x.1
'Twill be deliuer'd backe on good Condition.'Twill be delivered back on good condition.condition (n.)
settlement, terms, pact
Cor I.x.2
Condition?Condition? Cor I.x.3
I would I were a Roman, for I cannot,I would I were a Roman, for I cannot, Cor I.x.4
Being a Volce, be that I am. Condition?Being a Volsce, be that I am. Condition? Cor I.x.5
What good Condition can a Treatie findeWhat good condition can a treaty findcondition (n.)
nature, state, circumstances
Cor I.x.6
I'th' part that is at mercy? fiue times, Martius,I'th' part that is at mercy? Five times, Martius, Cor I.x.7
I haue fought with thee; so often hast thou beat me:I have fought with thee; so often hast thou beat me; Cor I.x.8
And would'st doe so, I thinke, should we encounterAnd wouldst do so, I think, should we encounter Cor I.x.9
As often as we eate. By th' Elements,As often as we eat. By th' elements,element (n.)
(plural) forces of nature, atmospheric powers
Cor I.x.10
If ere againe I meet him beard to beard,If e'er again I meet him beard to beard, Cor I.x.11
He's mine, or I am his: Mine EmulationHe's mine or I am his. Mine emulation Cor I.x.12
Hath not that Honor in't it had: For whereHath not that honour in't it had; for where Cor I.x.13
I thought to crush him in an equall Force,I thought to crush him in an equal force,equal (adj.)

old form: equall
fair, equitable, evenhanded
Cor I.x.14
force (n.)
opposition, resistance, strength
True Sword to Sword: Ile potche at him some way,True sword to sword, I'll potch at him some waypotch (v.)

old form: potche
poke, thrust, jab
Cor I.x.15
Or Wrath, or Craft may get him.Or wrath or craft may get him. Cor I.x.16.1
He's the diuell.He's the devil. Cor I.x.16.2
Bolder, though not so subtle: my valors poison'd,Bolder, though not so subtle. My valour's poisoned Cor I.x.17
With onely suff'ring staine by him: for himWith only suffering stain by him; for himstain (n.)

old form: staine
disgrace, shame
Cor I.x.18
Shall flye out of it selfe, nor sleepe, nor sanctuary,Shall fly out of itself. Nor sleep nor sanctuary,fly (v.)

old form: flye
leave, run away [from], flee
Cor I.x.19
Being naked, sicke; nor Phane, nor Capitoll,Being naked, sick, nor fane nor Capitol,naked (adj.)
defenceless, undefended, unarmed
Cor I.x.20
Capitol (n.)
geographical and ceremonial centre of ancient Rome, the seat of government
fane (n.)

old form: Phane
The Prayers of Priests, nor times of Sacrifice:The prayers of priests nor times of sacrifice, Cor I.x.21
Embarquements all of Fury, shall lift vpEmbarquements all of fury, shall lift upembarquement (n.)
embargo, impediment, prohibition
Cor I.x.22
Their rotten Priuiledge, and Custome 'gainstTheir rotten privilege and custom 'gainstrotten (adj.)
flawed, erroneous, corrupt
Cor I.x.23
My hate to Martius. Where I finde him, were itMy hate to Martius. Where I find him, were it Cor I.x.24
At home, vpon my Brothers Guard, euen thereAt home upon my brother's guard, even there,guard (n.)
protection, keeping, custody
Cor I.x.25
Against the hospitable Canon, would IAgainst the hospitable canon, would Ihospitable (adj.)
offering hospitality, affording welcome
Cor I.x.26
canon (n.)
law, decree, rule
Wash my fierce hand in's heart. Go you to th' Citie,Wash my fierce hand in's heart. Go you to th' city. Cor I.x.27
Learne how 'tis held, and what they are that mustLearn how 'tis held, and what they are that must Cor I.x.28
Be Hostages for Rome.Be hostages for Rome. Cor I.x.29.1
Will not you go?Will not you go? Cor I.x.29.2
I am attended at the Cyprus groue. I pray youI am attended at the cypress grove. I pray you –  Cor I.x.30
('Tis South the City Mils) bring me word thither'Tis south the city mills – bring me word thither Cor I.x.31
How the world goes: that to the pace of itHow the world goes, that to the pace of it Cor I.x.32
I may spurre on my iourney.I may spur on my journey. Cor I.x.33.1
I shall sir.I shall, sir. Cor I.x.33.2
Exeunt Cor I.x.33
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