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Enter Tullus Auffidius with Senators of Coriolus.Enter Tullus Aufidius, with Senators of Corioles Cor I.ii.1
So, your opinion is Auffidius,So, your opinion is, Aufidius, Cor I.ii.1
That they of Rome are entred in our Counsailes,That they of Rome are entered in our counselsenter in (v.)

old form: entred
be acquainted with, be aware of
Cor I.ii.2
counsel (n.)

old form: Counsailes
plan, purpose, design
And know how we proceede,And know how we proceed. Cor I.ii.3.1
Is it not yours?Is it not yours? Cor I.ii.3.2
What euer haue bin thought one in this StateWhat ever have been thought on in this state Cor I.ii.4
That could be brought to bodily act, ere RomeThat could be brought to bodily act ere Rome Cor I.ii.5
Had circumuention: 'tis not foure dayes goneHad circumvention? 'Tis not four days gonecircumvention (n.)

old form: circumuention
warning to avoid, chance to outwit
Cor I.ii.6
Since I heard thence, these are the words, I thinkeSince I heard thence. These are the words – I think Cor I.ii.7
I haue the Letter heere: yes, heere it is;I have the letter here; yes, here it is: Cor I.ii.8
They haue prest a Power, but it is not knowneThey have pressed a power, but it is not knownpower (n.)
armed force, troops, host, army
Cor I.ii.9
press (v.)

old form: prest
levy, raise, conscript
Whether for East or West: the Dearth is great,Whether for east or west. The dearth is great, dearth (n.)
scarcity, shortage, lack [of food], famine
Cor I.ii.10
The people Mutinous: And it is rumour'd,The people mutinous. And it is rumoured, Cor I.ii.11
Cominius, Martius your old EnemyCominius, Martius your old enemy, Cor I.ii.12
(Who is of Rome worse hated then of you)Who is of Rome worse hated than of you, Cor I.ii.13
And Titus Lartius, a most valiant Roman,And Titus Lartius, a most valiant Roman, Cor I.ii.14
These three leade on this PreparationThese three lead on this preparationpreparation (n.)
equipped military force, force ready for war
Cor I.ii.15
Whether 'tis bent: most likely, 'tis for you:Whither 'tis bent. Most likely 'tis for you.bend (v.)
aim, direct, level, turn
Cor I.ii.16
Consider of it.Consider of it. Cor I.ii.17.1
Our Armie's in the Field:Our army's in the field.field, in the
engaged in military operations, in military array
Cor I.ii.17.2
We neuer yet made doubt but Rome was readyWe never yet made doubt but Rome was ready Cor I.ii.18
To answer vs.To answer us.answer (v.)
engage with, encounter, meet [in fight]
Cor I.ii.19.1
Nor did you thinke it folly,Nor did you think it folly Cor I.ii.19.2
To keepe your great pretences vayl'd, till whenTo keep your great pretences veiled till whenpretence (n.)
plan, design, intention, purpose
Cor I.ii.20
They needs must shew themselues, which in the hatchingThey needs must show themselves, which in the hatching, Cor I.ii.21
It seem'd appear'd to Rome. By the discouery,It seemed, appeared to Rome. By the discoverydiscovery (n.)

old form: discouery
disclosure, admission, revelation
Cor I.ii.22
appear (v.)

old form: appear'd
be plain, become apparent
We shalbe shortned in our ayme, which wasWe shall be shortened in our aim, which wasshorten (v.)

old form: shortned
reduce, diminish, cut back
Cor I.ii.23
To take in many Townes, ere (almost) RomeTo take in many towns ere almost Rometake in (v.)
conquer, subdue, overcome
Cor I.ii.24
Should know we were a-foot.Should know we were afoot. Cor I.ii.25.1
Noble Auffidius,Noble Aufidius, Cor I.ii.25.2
Take your Commission, hye you to your Bands,Take your commission, hie you to your bands.hie (v.)

old form: hye
hasten, hurry, speed
Cor I.ii.26
band (n.)
body of men, troop
Let vs alone to guard CoriolesLet us alone to guard Corioles.alone (adv.)
only, solely, uniquely
Cor I.ii.27
If they set downe before's: for the remoueIf they set down before's, for the removeset down (v.)

old form: downe
encamp, lay siege
Cor I.ii.28
remove (n.)

old form: remoue
removal, raising [of a siege]
Bring vp your Army: but (I thinke) you'l findeBring up your army. But, I think, you'll find Cor I.ii.29
Th'haue not prepar'd for vs.Th' have not prepared for us. Cor I.ii.30.1
O doubt not that,O, doubt not that. Cor I.ii.30.2
I speake from Certainties. Nay more,I speak from certainties. Nay more, Cor I.ii.31
Some parcels of their Power are forth already,Some parcels of their power are forth already,power (n.)
armed force, troops, host, army
Cor I.ii.32
parcel (n.)
part, piece, portion, bit
And onely hitherward. I leaue your Honors.And only hitherward. I leave your honours. Cor I.ii.33
If we, and Caius Martius chance to meete,If we and Caius Martius chance to meet, Cor I.ii.34
'Tis sworne betweene vs, we shall euer strike'Tis sworn between us we shall ever strike Cor I.ii.35
Till one can do no more.Till one can do no more. Cor I.ii.36.1
All. ALL 
The Gods assist you.The gods assist you! Cor I.ii.36.2
And keepe your Honors safe.And keep your honours safe! Cor I.ii.37.1
Farewell.Farewell. Cor I.ii.37.2
Farewell.Farewell. Cor I.ii.37.3
All. ALL 
Farewell. Farewell. Cor I.ii.38
Exeunt omnes.Exeunt Cor I.ii.38
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