Henry VI Part 2

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Alarums to the fight, wherein both the Staffords Alarums to the fight, wherein both the Staffords 2H6 IV.iii.1.1
are slaine. Enter Cade and the rest.are slain. Enter Cade and the rest 2H6 IV.iii.1.2
Where's Dicke, the Butcher of Ashford?Where's Dick, the butcher of Ashford? 2H6 IV.iii.1
But. DICK 
Heere sir.Here, sir. 2H6 IV.iii.2
Cade. CADE 
They fell before thee like Sheepe and Oxen, & thou They fell before thee like sheep and oxen, and thou 2H6 IV.iii.3
behaued'st thy selfe, as if thou hadst beene in thine owne behaved'st thyself as if thou hadst been in thine own 2H6 IV.iii.4
Slaughter-house: Therfore thus will I reward thee,slaughter-house. Therefore thus will I reward thee: 2H6 IV.iii.5
the Lent shall bee as long againe as it is, and thou shalt haue the Lent shall be as long again as it is; and thou shalt haveLent (n.)
in Christian tradition, the 6-week penitential season before Easter
2H6 IV.iii.6
a License to kill for a hundred lacking one.a licence to kill for a hundred lacking one. 2H6 IV.iii.7
But. DICK 
I desire no more.I desire no more. 2H6 IV.iii.8
Cade. CADE 
And to speake truth, thou deseru'st no lesse.And to speak truth, thou deservest no less. 2H6 IV.iii.9
He puts on Sir Humphrey Stafford's coat of mailmail (n.)
armour, chain mail, piece of armour
2H6 IV.iii.10.1
This Monument of the victory will I beare, and the This monument of the victory will I bear; and themonument (n.)
memory, memorial, remembrance
2H6 IV.iii.10
bodies shall be dragg'd at my horse heeles, till I do bodies shall be dragged at my horse heels till I do 2H6 IV.iii.11
come to London, where we will haue the Maiors sword come to London, where we will have the Mayor's sword 2H6 IV.iii.12
born before vs.borne before us. 2H6 IV.iii.13
But. DICK 
If we meane to thriue, and do good, breake open the If we mean to thrive and do good, break open thegood, do
prosper, succeed, triumph
2H6 IV.iii.14
Gaoles, and let out the Prisoners.gaols and let out the prisoners. 2H6 IV.iii.15
Cade. CADE 
Feare not that I warrant thee. Come, let's marchFear not that, I warrant thee. Come, let's marchwarrant (v.)
assure, promise, guarantee, confirm
2H6 IV.iii.16
towards London. towards London. 2H6 IV.iii.17
Exeunt.Exeunt 2H6 IV.iii.17
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