The Two Noble Kinsmen

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Key line

Enter Doctor, Iaylor and Wooer, in habite of Palamon.Enter Doctor, Gaoler, and Wooer in habit of Palamonhabit (n.)

old form: habite
dress, clothing, costume
TNK V.ii.1
Has this advice I told you, done any good upon her?Has this advice I told you done any good upon her? TNK V.ii.1
O very much; The maids that hept her companyO, very much. The maids that kept her company TNK V.ii.2
Have halfe perswaded her that I am Palamon;Have half persuaded her that I am Palamon; TNK V.ii.3
within this / Halfe houre she came smiling to me,Within this half-hour she came smiling to me, TNK V.ii.4
and asked me what I / Would eate, and when I would kisse her:And asked me what I would eat, and when I would kiss her. TNK V.ii.5
I told her / Presently, and kist her twice.I told her, presently, and kissed her twice.presently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
TNK V.ii.6
Twas well done; twentie times had bin far better,'Twas well done; twenty times had been far better, TNK V.ii.7
For there the cure lies mainely.For there the cure lies mainly.mainly (adv.)

old form: mainely
entirely, completely, totally
TNK V.ii.8.1
Then she told meThen she told me TNK V.ii.8.2
She would watch with me to night, for well she knewShe would watch with me tonight, for well she knewwatch (v.)
stay awake, keep vigil
TNK V.ii.9
What houre my fit would take me.What hour my fit would take (n.)
fever, attack, seizure
TNK V.ii.10.1
Let her doe so,Let her do so, TNK V.ii.10.2
And when your fit comes, fit her home, / And presently.And when your fit comes, fit her home, and presently.presently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
TNK V.ii.11
home (adv.)
fully, thoroughly, unsparingly
fit (v.)
supply [with what is fit], satisfy
She would have me sing.She would have me sing. TNK V.ii.12.1
You did so?You did so? TNK V.ii.12.2
No.No. TNK V.ii.12.3
Twas very ill done then,'Twas very ill done, then;ill (adv.)
badly, adversely, unfavourably
TNK V.ii.12.4
You should observe her ev'ry way.You should observe her every way.observe (v.)
humour, gratify, indulge
TNK V.ii.13.1
AlasAlas, TNK V.ii.13.2
I have no voice Sir, to confirme her that way.I have no voice, sir, to confirm her that way.confirm (v.)

old form: confirme
encourage, strengthen, make firm
TNK V.ii.14
That's all one, if yee make a noyse,That's all one, if ye make a noise.if (conj.)
as long as
TNK V.ii.15
all is one; that's / it's all one
it makes no difference, it's one and the same, it doesn't matter
If she intreate againe, doe any thing,If she entreat again, do anything; TNK V.ii.16
Lye with her if she aske you.Lie with her if she ask you. TNK V.ii.17.1
Hoa there Doctor.Ho there, doctor! TNK V.ii.17.2
Yes in the waie of cure.Yes, in the way of cure. TNK V.ii.18.1
But first by your leaveBut first, by your leave, TNK V.ii.18.2
I'th way of honestie.I'th' way of honesty.honesty (n.)

old form: honestie
virtue, chastity
TNK V.ii.19.1
That's but a nicenesse,That's but a niceness.niceness (n.)

old form: nicenesse
coyness, fastidiousness, excessive scruple
TNK V.ii.19.2
Nev'r cast your child away for honestie;Ne'er cast your child away for honesty;honesty (n.)

old form: honestie
virtue, chastity
TNK V.ii.20
cast away (v.)
ruin, waste carelessly, squander
Cure her first this way, then if shee will be honest,Cure her first this way, then if she will be honest,honest (adj.)
chaste, pure, virtuous
TNK V.ii.21
She has the path before her.She has the path before her.path (n.)
way, course of action
TNK V.ii.22.1
Thanke yee Doctor.Thank ye, doctor. TNK V.ii.22.2
Pray bring her in / And let's see how shee is.Pray bring her in and let's see how she is. TNK V.ii.23
I will, and tell her / Her Palamon staies for her:I will, and tell her her Palamon stays for her.stay for (v.)

old form: staies
wait for, await
TNK V.ii.24
But Doctor, / Me thinkes you are i'th wrong still.But, doctor, methinks you are i'th' wrong still.methinks(t), methought(s) (v.)

old form: Me thinkes
it seems / seemed to me
TNK V.ii.25.1
Exit Iaylor.Exit TNK V.ii.25
Goe, goe:Go, go. TNK V.ii.25.2
you Fathers are fine Fooles: her honesty?You fathers are fine fools! Her honesty?honesty (n.)
virtue, chastity
TNK V.ii.26
And we should give her physicke till we finde that:An we should give her physic till we find that – physic (n.)

old form: physicke
medicine, healing, treatment
TNK V.ii.27
and, an (conj.)
as if
Why, doe you thinke she is not honest Sir?Why, do you think she is not honest, sir?honest (adj.)
chaste, pure, virtuous
TNK V.ii.28
How old is she?How old is she? TNK V.ii.29.1
She's eighteene.She's eighteen. TNK V.ii.29.2
She may be,She may be –  TNK V.ii.29.3
But that's all one, tis nothing to our purpose,But that's all one, 'tis nothing to our purpose.nothing (n.)
insignificance, unimportance, triviality
TNK V.ii.30
purpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
all is one; that's / it's all one
it makes no difference, it's one and the same, it doesn't matter
What ere her Father saies, if you perceaveWhate'er her father says, if you perceive TNK V.ii.31
Her moode inclining that way that I spoke ofHer mood inclining that way that I spoke of, TNK V.ii.32
Videlicet, the way of flesh, you have me.Videlicet, the way of flesh – you have me?have (v.)
understand, grasp, comprehend
TNK V.ii.33
videlicet (adv.)
[pron: vi'deliset] namely
Yet very well Sir.Yet very well, sir. TNK V.ii.34.1
Doctor. DOCTOR 
Please her appetitePlease her appetite, TNK V.ii.34.2
And doe it home, it cures her ipso facto,And do it home; it cures her ipso factohome (adv.)
fully, thoroughly, unsparingly
TNK V.ii.35
by itself
The mellencholly humour that infects her.The melancholy humour that infects her.humour (n.)
mood, disposition, frame of mind, temperament [as determined by bodily fluids]
TNK V.ii.36
I am of your minde Doctor.I am of your mind, doctor. TNK V.ii.37
Enter Iaylor, Daughter, Maide.Enter Gaoler, Gaoler's Daughter, and her maid TNK V.ii.38
You'l finde it so; she comes, pray honour her.You'll find it so. She comes; pray humour her. TNK V.ii.38
Come, your Love Palamon staies for you childe,Come, your love Palamon stays for you, child, TNK V.ii.39
And has done this long houre, to visite you.And has done this long hour, to visit you. TNK V.ii.40
I thanke him for his gentle patience,I thank him for his gentle patience;gentle (adj.)
courteous, friendly, kind
TNK V.ii.41
He's a kind Gentleman, and I am much bound to him,He's a kind gentleman, and I am much bound to him.bound (adj.)
obliged, indebted, under an obligation
TNK V.ii.42
Did you nev'r see the horse he gave me?Did you ne'er see the horse he gave me? TNK V.ii.43.1
Yes.Yes. TNK V.ii.43.2
How doe you like him?How do you like him? TNK V.ii.44.1
He's a very faire one.He's a very fair one.fair (adj.)

old form: faire
handsome, good-looking, beautiful
TNK V.ii.44.2
You never saw him dance?You never saw him dance? TNK V.ii.45.1
No.No. TNK V.ii.45.2
I have often.I have often. TNK V.ii.45.3
He daunces very finely, very comely,He dances very finely, very comely,comely (adv.)
gracefully, fittingly, decorously
TNK V.ii.46
And for a Iigge, come cut and long taile to him,And for a jig, come cut and long tail to him,come cut and long tail

old form: taile
[whether a horse or dog has its tail docked or not] whatever happens, come what may
TNK V.ii.47
He turnes ye like a Top.He turns ye like a top. TNK V.ii.48.1
That's fine indeede.That's fine indeed. TNK V.ii.48.2
Hee'l dance the Morris twenty mile an houre,He'll dance the morris twenty mile an hour,morris (n.)
morris dance
TNK V.ii.49
And that will founder the best hobby-horseAnd that will founder the best hobby-horse,founder (v.)
make lame, cause to break down
TNK V.ii.50
(If I have any skill) in all the parish,If I have any skill, in all the parish;skill (n.)
judgement, knowledge, common sense
TNK V.ii.51
And gallops to the turne of Light a'love,And gallops to the tune of ‘ Light o' Love.’ TNK V.ii.52
What thinke you of this horse?What think you of this horse? TNK V.ii.53.1
Having these vertuesHaving these virtues,virtue (n.)

old form: vertues
quality, accomplishment, ability
TNK V.ii.53.2
I thinke he might be broght to play at Tennis.I think he might be brought to play at tennis.bring (v.)

old form: broght
train, bring up, rear
TNK V.ii.54
Alas that's nothing.Alas, that's nothing. TNK V.ii.55.1
Can he write and reade too.Can he write and read too? TNK V.ii.55.2
A very faire hand, and casts himselfe th' accountsA very fair hand, and casts himself th' accountshand (n.)
TNK V.ii.56
fair (adj.)

old form: faire
good, elegant, fine
cast (v.)
calculate, reckon, estimate
Of all his hay and provender: That HostlerOf all his hay and provender; that ostlerprovender (n.)
feed, fodder
TNK V.ii.57
Must rise betime that cozens him; you knowMust rise betime that cozens him. You knowrise (v.)
get up, get out of bed
TNK V.ii.58
cozen (v.)
cheat, dupe, trick, deceive
betime (adv.)
early, at an early hour
The Chestnut Mare the Duke has?The chestnut mare the Duke has? TNK V.ii.59.1
Very well.Very well. TNK V.ii.59.2
She is horribly in love with him, poore beast,She is horribly in love with him, poor beast, TNK V.ii.60
But he is like his master coy and scornefull.But he is like his master, coy and scornful.coy (adj.)
unresponsive, distant, standoffish, disdainful
TNK V.ii.61
What dowry has she?What dowry has she? TNK V.ii.62.1
Some two hundred Bottles,Some two hundred bottles,bottle (n.)
bundle, truss [of hay]
TNK V.ii.62.2
And twenty strike of Oates, but hee'l ne're have her;And twenty strike of oats; but he'll ne'er have her.strike (n.)
measure [of variable value - usually, a bushel]
TNK V.ii.63
He lispes in's neighing able to enticeHe lisps in's neighing able to entice TNK V.ii.64
A Millars Mare, Hee'l be the death of her.A miller's mare. He'll be the death of her. TNK V.ii.65
What stuffe she utters?What stuff she utters!stuff (n.)

old form: stuffe
rubbish, nonsense
TNK V.ii.66
Make curtsie, here your love comes.Make curtsy, here your love comes. TNK V.ii.67.1
(comes forward) TNK V.ii.67
Pretty soulePretty soul, TNK V.ii.67.2
How doe ye? that's a fine maide, ther's a curtsie.How do ye? That's a fine maid; there's a curtsy! TNK V.ii.68
Yours to command ith way of honestie;Yours to command i'th' way of honesty.honesty (n.)

old form: honestie
virtue, chastity
TNK V.ii.69
How far is't now to'th end o'th world my Masters?How far is't now to th' end o'th' world, my masters? TNK V.ii.70
Why a daies Iorney wench.Why, a day's journey, wench.wench (n.)
girl, lass
TNK V.ii.71.1
(to Wooer) TNK V.ii.71
Will you goe with me?Will you go with me? TNK V.ii.71.2
What shall we doe there wench?What shall we do there, wench? TNK V.ii.72.1
Why play at stoole ball,Why, play at stool-ball.stool-ball (n.)

old form: stoole ball
type of bat-and-ball game, with a stool in place of a wicket
TNK V.ii.72.2
What is there else to doe?What is there else to do? TNK V.ii.73.1
I am contentI am content,content (adj.)
agreeable, willing, ready
TNK V.ii.73.2
If we shall keepe our wedding there:If we shall keep our wedding there.keep (v.)

old form: keepe
celebrate, solemnize
TNK V.ii.74.1
Tis true'Tis true; TNK V.ii.74.2
For there I will assure you, we shall findeFor there, I will assure you, we shall find TNK V.ii.75
Some blind Priest for the purpose, that will ventureSome blind priest for the purpose, that will venture TNK V.ii.76
To marry us, for here they are nice, and foolish;To marry us, for here they are nice and foolish.nice (adj.)
fastidious, particular, fussy, overscrupulous
TNK V.ii.77
Besides my father must be hang'd to morrowBesides, my father must be hanged tomorrow, TNK V.ii.78
And that would be a blot i'th businesseAnd that would be a blot i'th' business. TNK V.ii.79
Are not you Palamon?Are not you Palamon? TNK V.ii.80.1
Doe not you know me?Do not you know me? TNK V.ii.80.2
Yes, but you care not for me; I have nothingYes, but you care not for me; I have nothing TNK V.ii.81
But this pore petticoate, and too corse Smockes.But this poor petticoat and too coarse smocks.petticoat (n.)

old form: petticoate
long skirt
TNK V.ii.82
smock (n.)

old form: Smockes
woman's undergarment, shift, slip, chemise
That's all one, I will have you.That's all one; I will have you.all is one; that's / it's all one
it makes no difference, it's one and the same, it doesn't matter
TNK V.ii.83.1
Will you surely?Will you surely? TNK V.ii.83.2
Yes by this faire hand will I.Yes, by this fair hand will I. TNK V.ii.84.1
Wee'l to bed then.We'll to bed then. TNK V.ii.84.2
Ev'n when you will.E'en when you will. TNK V.ii.85.1
He kisses her TNK V.ii.85
O Sir, you would faine be nibling.O sir, you would fain be nibbling.fain (adv.)

old form: faine
gladly, willingly
TNK V.ii.85.2
Why doe you rub my kisse off?Why do you rub my kiss off? TNK V.ii.86.1
Tis a sweet one,'Tis a sweet one, TNK V.ii.86.2
And will perfume me finely against the wedding.And will perfume me finely against the wedding. TNK V.ii.87
Is not this your Cosen Arcite?Is not this your cousin Arcite? TNK V.ii.88.1
Yes sweetheart,Yes, sweetheart, TNK V.ii.88.2
And I am glad my Cosen PalamonAnd I am glad my cousin Palamon TNK V.ii.89
Has made so faire a choice.Has made so fair a choice. TNK V.ii.90.1
Doe you thinke hee'l have me?Do you think he'll have me? TNK V.ii.90.2
Yes without doubt.Yes, without doubt. TNK V.ii.91.1
Doe you thinke so too?Do you think so too? TNK V.ii.91.2
Yes.Yes. TNK V.ii.91.3
We shall have many children: Lord, how y'ar growne,We shall have many children. – Lord, how you're grown! TNK V.ii.92
My Palamon I hope will grow too finelyMy Palamon I hope will grow too, finely, TNK V.ii.93
Now he's at liberty: Alas poore ChickenNow he's at liberty. Alas, poor chicken,chicken (n.)
child, little one
TNK V.ii.94
He was kept downe with hard meate, and ill lodgingHe was kept down with hard meat and ill lodging;meat (n.)

old form: meate
food, nourishment
TNK V.ii.95
ill (adj.)
poor, inadequate, miserable
hard (adj.)
bad, poor, inadequate
keep down (v.)

old form: downe
prevent from growing, keep small
But ile kisse him up againe.But I'll kiss him up again. TNK V.ii.96
Enter a Messenger.Enter a Messenger TNK V.ii.97.1
What doe you here, you'l loose the noblest sightWhat do you here? You'll lose the noblest sightlose (v.)

old form: loose
miss, lose out on, be deprived of
TNK V.ii.97
That ev'r was seene.That e'er was seen. TNK V.ii.98.1
Are they i'th Field?Are they i'th' field?field (n.)
duelling place
TNK V.ii.98.2
They areThey are. TNK V.ii.98.3
You beare a charge there too.You bear a charge there too.charge (n.)
task, responsibility, duty
TNK V.ii.99.1
bear (v.), past forms bore, borne

old form: beare
carry on, manage, conduct [an affair]
Ile away straightI'll away straight.straight (adv.)
straightaway, immediately, at once
TNK V.ii.99.2
I must ev'n leave you here.I must e'en leave you here. TNK V.ii.100.1
Nay wee'l goe with you,Nay, we'll go with you. TNK V.ii.100.2
I will not loose the Fight.I will not lose the fight.lose (v.)

old form: loose
miss, lose out on, be deprived of
TNK V.ii.101.1
How did you like her?How did you like her?like (v.)
find, think of
TNK V.ii.101.2
Ile warrant you within these 3. or 4 daiesI'll warrant you, within these three or four dayswarrant (v.)
assure, promise, guarantee, confirm
TNK V.ii.102
Ile make her right againe. You must not from herI'll make her right again. (To Wooer) You must not from her,right (adj.)
in her right mind, sane, rational
TNK V.ii.103
from (prep.)
away from
But still preserve her in this way.But still preserve her in this way.preserve (v.)
keep, maintain, look after
TNK V.ii.104.1
still (adv.)
constantly, always, continually
I will.I will. TNK V.ii.104.2
Lets get her in.Let's get her in. TNK V.ii.105.1
Come sweete wee'l goe to dinnerCome, sweet, we'll go to dinner, TNK V.ii.105.2
And then weele play at Cardes.And then we'll play at cards. TNK V.ii.106.1
And shall we kisse too?And shall we kiss too? TNK V.ii.106.2
A hundred timesA hundred times. TNK V.ii.107.1
And twenty. – And twenty. TNK V.ii.107.2
I and twenty.Ay, and twenty.twenty, and
[ballad catch phrase, used as an intensifer] and many more
TNK V.ii.107.3
And then wee'l sleepe together.And then we'll sleep together. TNK V.ii.108.1
Take her offer.Take her offer. TNK V.ii.108.2
Yes marry will we.Yes, marry, will we.marry (int.)
[exclamation] by Mary
TNK V.ii.109.1
But you shall not hurt me.But you shall not hurt me. TNK V.ii.109.2
I will not sweete.I will not, sweet. TNK V.ii.110.1
If you doe (Love) ile cry.If you do, love, I'll cry. TNK V.ii.110.2
Florish Exeunt.Exeunt TNK V.ii.110
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