The Two Gentlemen of Verona

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Protheus, Iulia, Panthion.Enter Proteus and Julia TG II.ii.1.1
Haue patience, gentle Iulia:Have patience, gentle Julia.gentle (adj.)
courteous, friendly, kind
TG II.ii.1
I must where is no remedy.I must, where is no remedy. TG II.ii.2
When possibly I can, I will returne.When possibly I can, I will return. TG II.ii.3
If you turne not: you will return the sooner:If you turn not, you will return the sooner.turn (v.)

old form: turne
change, transform, alter
TG II.ii.4
Keepe this remembrance for thy Iulia's sake.Keep this remembrance for thy Julia's sake.remembrance (n.)
love-token, keepsake, memento
TG II.ii.5
She gives him a ring TG II.ii.6
Why then wee'll make exchange; / Here, take you this.Why, then, we'll make exchange; here, take you this. TG II.ii.6
He gives her a ring TG II.ii.7
And seale the bargaine with a holy kisse.And seal the bargain with a holy kiss. TG II.ii.7
Here is my hand, for my true constancie:Here is my hand for my true constancy; TG II.ii.8
And when that howre ore-slips me in the day,And when that hour o'erslips me in the dayoverslip (v.)

old form: ore-slips
pass by unnoticed, slip past
TG II.ii.9
Wherein I sigh not (Iulia) for thy sake,Wherein I sigh not, Julia, for thy sake, TG II.ii.10
The next ensuing howre, some foule mischanceThe next ensuing hour some foul mischance TG II.ii.11
Torment me for my Loues forgetfulnesse:Torment me for my love's forgetfulness! TG II.ii.12
My father staies my comming: answere not:My father stays my coming. Answer not. TG II.ii.13
The tide is now; nay, not thy tide of teares,The tide is now – nay, not thy tide of tears; TG II.ii.14
That tide will stay me longer then I should,That tide will stay me longer than I should.stay (v.)
keep, make to stay, allow to remain
TG II.ii.15
Iulia, farewell: what, gon without a word?Julia, farewell! (Exit Julia) What, gone without a word? TG II.ii.16
I, so true loue should doe: it cannot speake,Ay, so true love should do; it cannot speak, TG II.ii.17
For truth hath better deeds, then words to grace it.For truth hath better deeds than words to grace it. TG II.ii.18
Enter Panthino TG II.ii.19
Sir Protheus: you are staid for.Sir Proteus, you are stayed for. TG II.ii.19.1
Goe: I come, I come:Go; I come. TG II.ii.19.2
Alas, this parting strikes poore Louers dumbe.(aside) Alas, this parting strikes poor lovers dumb. TG II.ii.20
Exeunt.Exeunt TG II.ii.20
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