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Enter Imogen alone.Enter Innogen, in boy's clothes Cym
I see a mans life is a tedious one,I see a man's life is a tedious one, Cym
I haue tyr'd my selfe: and for two nights togetherI have tired myself: and for two nights togethertire (v.)

old form: tyr'd
exhaust, tire out; or: attire, clothe
Haue made the ground my bed. I should be sicke,Have made the ground my bed. I should be sick, Cym
But that my resolution helpes me: Milford,But that my resolution helps me: Milford,help (v.)

old form: helpes
restore, succour, cure
When from the Mountaine top, Pisanio shew'd thee,When from the mountain-top Pisanio showed thee, Cym
Thou was't within a kenne. Oh Ioue, I thinkeThou wast within a ken. O Jove! I thinkken (n.)

old form: kenne
range of sight, view, visible distance
Jove (n.)
[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme god
Foundations flye the wretched: such I meane,Foundations fly the wretched: such, I mean,foundation (n.)
charitable institution
Where they should be releeu'd. Two Beggers told me,Where they should be relieved. Two beggars told me Cym
I could not misse my way. Will poore Folkes lyeI could not miss my way. Will poor folks lie, Cym
That haue Afflictions on them, knowing 'tisThat have afflictions on them, knowing 'tis Cym
A punishment, or Triall? Yes; no wonder,A punishment or trial? Yes; no wonder,trial (n.)

old form: Triall
action of testing, putting to the proof
When Rich-ones scarse tell true. To lapse in FulnesseWhen rich ones scarce tell true. To lapse in fulnessscarce (adv.)

old form: scarse
scarcely, hardly, barely, only just
fulness (n.)

old form: Fulnesse
prosperity, affluence, situation of plenty
lapse (v.)
sin, transgress, do wrong
Is sorer, then to lye for Neede: and FalshoodIs sorer than to lie for need: and falsehoodsore (adj.)
severe, harsh, heavy
Is worse in Kings, then Beggers. My deere Lord,Is worse in kings than beggars. My dear lord, Cym
Thou art one o'th'false Ones: Now I thinke on thee,Thou art one o'th' false ones! Now I think on thee,false (adj.)
treacherous, traitorous, perfidious
My hunger's gone; but euen before, I wasMy hunger's gone; but even before, I wasbefore (adv.)
just now, a little while ago
At point to sinke, for Food. But what is this?At point to sink, for food. – But what is this?point, at
just about, on the point [of]
Heere is a path too't: 'tis some sauage hold:Here is a path to't: 'tis some savage hold:hold (n.)
shelter, refuge, sanctuary
I were best not call; I dare not call: yet FamineI were best not call; I dare not call: yet famine, Cym
Ere cleane it o're-throw Nature, makes it valiant.Ere clean it o'erthrow Nature, makes it valiant.clean (adv.)

old form: cleane
totally, absolutely, utterly
Plentie, and Peace breeds Cowards: Hardnesse euerPlenty and peace breeds cowards: hardness everhardness (n.)

old form: Hardnesse
hardship, adversity, harsh situation
Of Hardinesse is Mother. Hoa? who's heere?Of hardiness is mother. Ho! Who's here?hardiness (n.)

old form: Hardinesse
boldness, daring, audacity, courage
If any thing that's ciuill, speake: if sauage,If any thing that's civil, speak: if savage,civil (adj.)

old form: ciuill
civilized, cultured, refined
Take, or lend. Hoa? No answer? Then Ile enter.Take, or lend. Ho! No answer? Then I'll enter.lend (v.)
give, grant, bestow [on]
Best draw my Sword; and if mine EnemyBest draw my sword; and if mine enemy Cym
But feare the Sword like me, hee'l scarsely looke on't.But fear the sword like me, he'll scarcely look on't. Cym
Such a Foe, good Heauens.Such a foe, good heavens! Cym
Exit.Exit, to the cave Cym
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