Antony and Cleopatra

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Flourish. Enter Agrippa, Casar, with Enobarbus,Flourish. Enter Agrippa and Caesar, with Enobarbus, AC
and Dollabella.and Dolabella AC
Go forth Agrippa, and begin the fight:Go forth, Agrippa, and begin the fight. AC
Our will is Anthony be tooke aliue:Our will is Antony be took alive; AC
Make it so knowne.Make it so known. AC
Casar, I shall.Caesar, I shall. AC
Exit AC
Casar. CAESAR 
The time of vniuersall peace is neere:The time of universal peace is near. AC
Proue this a prosp'rous day, the three nook'd worldProve this a prosperous day, the three-nooked worldthree-nooked (adj.)
old form: three nook'd
Shall beare the Oliue freely.Shall bear the olive freely.bear (v.), past forms bore, borne
old form: beare
bring forth, produce, yield
Enter a Messenger.Enter a Messenger AC
Anthony Antony AC
is come into the Field.Is come into the field.field (n.)field of battle, battleground, field of combatAC
Go charge Agrippa,Go charge Agrippacharge (v.)order, command, enjoinAC
Plant those that haue reuolted in the Vant,Plant those that have revolted in the vant,revolt (v.)
old form: reuolted
change sides, alter allegiance, desert
vant (n.)van, front line
That Anthony may seeme to spend his FuryThat Antony may seem to spend his fury AC
Vpon himselfe. Upon himself. AC
Exeunt.Exeunt all but Enobarbus AC
Alexas did reuolt, and went to Iewrij onAlexas did revolt and went to Jewry on AC
Affaires of Anthony, there did disswadeAffairs of Antony; there did dissuadedissuade (v.)
old form: disswade
persuade, give advice
Great Herod to incline himselfe to Casar,Great Herod to incline himself to CaesarHerod (n.)in the Bible, a Judean king, portrayed in medieval mystery plays as a wild and angry figureAC
And leaue his Master Anthony. For this paines,And leave his master Antony. For this pains AC
Casar hath hang'd him: Camindius and the restCaesar hath hanged him. Canidius and the rest AC
That fell away, haue entertainment, butThat fell away have entertainment, butentertainment (n.)payroll, service, employmentAC
No honourable trust: I haue done ill,No honourable trust. I have done ill,ill (adv.)badly, adversely, unfavourablyAC
Of which I do accuse my selfe so forely,Of which I do accuse myself so sorely AC
That I will ioy no more.That I will joy no (v.)
old form: ioy
feel joy, be happy, rejoice
Enter a Soldier of Casars.Enter a Soldier of Caesar's AC
Enobarbus, AnthonyEnobarbus, Antony AC
Hath after thee sent all thy Treasure, withHath after thee sent all thy treasure, with AC
His Bounty ouer-plus. The MessengerHis bounty overplus. The messengeroverplus (adj.)
old form: ouer-plus
additional, extra, further
bounty (n.)special gift, present
Came on my guard, and at thy Tent is nowCame on my guard, and at thy tent is nowguard (n.)period of watchAC
Vnloading of his Mules.Unloading of his mules. AC
I giue it you.I give it you. AC
Mocke not Enobarbus,Mock not, Enobarbus. AC
I tell you true: Best you saf't the bringerI tell you true. Best you safed the bringersafe (v.)
old form: saf't
conduct safely, give safe-conduct to
Out of the hoast, I must attend mine Office,Out of the host. I must attend mine officeoffice (n.)task, service, duty, responsibilityAC
host (n.)
old form: hoast
army, armed multitude
attend (v.)see to, look after, apply oneself to
Or would haue done't my selfe. Your EmperorOr would have done't myself. Your emperor AC
Continues still a Ioue. Continues still a Jove.Jove (n.)[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme godAC
ExitExit AC
I am alone the Villaine of the earth,I am alone the villain of the earth,alone (adv.)only, solely, uniquelyAC
And feele I am so most. Oh Anthony,And feel I am so most. O Antony, AC
Thou Mine of Bounty, how would'st thou haue payedThou mine of bounty, how wouldst thou have paidmine (n.)source of supply, abundant storeAC
My better seruice, when my turpitudeMy better service, when my turpitude AC
Thou dost so Crowne with Gold. This blowes my hart,Thou dost so crown with gold! This blows my heart.blow (v.)
old form: blowes
swell to bursting, break, shatter
If swift thought breake it not: a swifter meaneIf swift thought break it not, a swifter meanmean (n.)
old form: meane
means, way, method
thought (n.)melancholic reflection, anxiety, sorrow, worry
Shall out-strike thought, but thought will doo't. I feeleShall outstrike thought; but thought will do't, I feel.outstrike (v.)
old form: out-strike
surpass in striking, deal a swifter blow than
I fight against thee: No I will go seekeI fight against thee? No, I will go seek AC
Some Ditch, wherein to dye: the foul'st best fitsSome ditch wherein to die; the foul'st best fits AC
My latter part of life. My latter part of life. AC
Exit.Exit AC
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