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Key line

Drum and Colours. Enter Malcolme, Seyward, Macduffe,Drum and colours. Enter Malcolm, Seyward, Macduff, Mac V.iv.1.1
Seywards Sonne, Menteth, Cathnes, Angus, and Seyward's Son, Menteth, Cathness, Angus, and Mac V.iv.1.2
Soldiers Marching.Soldiers, marching Mac V.iv.1.3
Cosins, I hope the dayes are neere at handCousins, I hope the days are near at hand Mac V.iv.1
That Chambers will be safe.That chambers will be safe.chamber (n.)
bedchamber, bedroom
Mac V.iv.2.1
We doubt it nothing.We doubt it nothing. Mac V.iv.2.2
What wood is this before vs?What wood is this before us? Mac V.iv.3.1
The wood of Birnane.The wood of Birnan. Mac V.iv.3.2
Let euery Souldier hew him downe a Bough,Let every soldier hew him down a bough Mac V.iv.4
And bear't before him, thereby shall we shadowAnd bear't before him; thereby shall we shadowshadow (v.)
conceal, hide, screen from view
Mac V.iv.5
The numbers of our Hoast, and make discoueryThe numbers of our host and make discoverydiscovery (n.)

old form: discouery
reconnaisance, reconnoitring, spying
Mac V.iv.6
Erre in report of vs.Err in report of us. Mac V.iv.7.1
It shall be done.It shall be done. Mac V.iv.7.2
We learne no other, but the confident TyrantWe learn no other but the confident tyrant Mac V.iv.8
Keepes still in Dunsinane, and will indureKeeps still in Dunsinane and will endureendure (v.)

old form: indure
let, allow, permit
Mac V.iv.9
Our setting downe befor't.Our setting down before't.setting-down (n.)

old form: setting downe
siege, besieging, encampment
Mac V.iv.10.1
'Tis his maine hope:'Tis his main hope. Mac V.iv.10.2
For where there is aduantage to be giuen,For where there is advantage to be given,advantage (n.)

old form: aduantage
right moment, favourable opportunity
Mac V.iv.11
Both more and lesse haue giuen him the Reuolt,Both more and less have given him the revolt,more and less

old form: lesse
men of high and low rank
Mac V.iv.12
And none serue with him, but constrained things,And none serve with him but constrained things Mac V.iv.13
Whose hearts are absent too.Whose hearts are absent too. Mac V.iv.14.1
Let our iust CensuresLet our just censuresjust (adj.)
accurate, exact, precise
Mac V.iv.14.2
censure (n.)
assessment, opinion, judgement, criticism
Attend the true euent, and put we onAttend the true event, and put we onevent (n.)

old form: euent
outcome, issue, consequence
Mac V.iv.15
attend (v.)
await, wait for, expect
Industrious Souldiership.Industrious soldiership.soldiership (n.)

old form: Souldiership
soldierly qualities, military skill
Mac V.iv.16.1
The time approaches,The time approaches Mac V.iv.16.2
That will with due decision make vs knowThat will with due decision make us know Mac V.iv.17
What we shall say we haue, and what we owe:What we shall say we have, and what we owe.owe (v.)
own, possess, have
Mac V.iv.18
Thoughts speculatiue, their vnsure hopes relate,Thoughts speculative their unsure hopes relate, Mac V.iv.19
But certaine issue, stroakes must arbitrate,But certain issue strokes must arbitrate;issue (n.)
outcome, result, consequence(s)
Mac V.iv.20
stroke (n.)

old form: stroakes
blow, attack, assault
Towards which, aduance the warre.Towards which, advance the war. Mac V.iv.21
Exeunt marchingExeunt, marching Mac V.iv.21
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