Antony and Cleopatra

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Anthony and Scarrus, with their Army.Enter Antony and Scarus, with their army AC IV.x.1.1
Their preparation is to day by Sea,Their preparation is today by sea;preparation (n.)
equipped military force, force ready for war
AC IV.x.1
We please them not by Land.We please them not by land. AC IV.x.2.1
For both, my Lord.For both, my lord. AC IV.x.2.2
I would they'ld fight i'th'Fire, or i'th'Ayre,I would they'd fight i'th' fire or i'th' air; AC IV.x.3
Wee'ld fight there too. But this it is, our FooteWe'd fight there too. But this it is: our footfoot (n.)

old form: Foote
foot-soldiers, infantry
AC IV.x.4
Vpon the hilles adioyning to the CittyUpon the hills adjoining to the city AC IV.x.5
Shall stay with vs. Order for Sea is giuen,Shall stay with us. Order for sea is given; AC IV.x.6
They haue put forth the Hauen:They have put forth the haven – put forth (v.)
set out [from], leave
AC IV.x.7
Where their appointment we may best discouer,Where their appointment we may best discoverdiscover (v.)

old form: discouer
reconnoitre, scout out
AC IV.x.8
appointment (n.)
purpose, design, intention
And looke on their endeuour. And look on their endeavour. AC IV.x.9
exeuntExeunt AC IV.x.9
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