King Lear

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Storme still. Enter Kent, and a Gentleman,Storm still. Enter Kent and a Gentleman by oppositestill (adv.)
ever, now [as before]
KL III.i.1.1
seuerally.doors KL III.i.1.2
Kent. KENT 
Who's there besides foule weather?Who's there besides foul weather? KL III.i.1
One minded like the weather, most vnquietly.One minded like the weather, most unquietly.unquietly (adv.)

old form: vnquietly
restlessly, uneasily, with great disquiet
KL III.i.2
Kent. KENT 
I know you: Where's the King?I know you. Where's the King? KL III.i.3
Contending with the fretfull Elements;Contending with the fretful elements:element (n.)
(plural) forces of nature, atmospheric powers
KL III.i.4
fretful (adj.)

old form: fretfull
angry, irritated, ill-tempered
contend (v.)
fight, engage in combat, struggle
Bids the winde blow the Earth into the Sea,Bids the wind blow the earth into the sea, KL III.i.5
Or swell the curled Waters 'boue the Maine,Or swell the curled waters 'bove the main,main (n.)

old form: Maine
KL III.i.6
That things might change, or cease.That things might change or cease; tears his white hair, KL III.i.7
Which the impetuous blasts with eyeless rageeyeless (adj.)
blind, sightless, unseeing
KL III.i.8
Catch in their fury and make nothing of:make nothing of
treat as worthless, deal with contemptuously
KL III.i.9
Strives in his little world of man to out-stormout-storm (v.)
rage more violently than a storm
KL III.i.10
The to-and-fro conflicting wind and rain. KL III.i.11
This night, wherein the cub-drawn bear would couch,cub-drawn (adj.)
drained of milk by cubs, ravenous
KL III.i.12
couch (v.)
go to a lair, find shelter
The lion and the belly-pinched wolfbelly-pinched (adj.)
pinched with hunger, starving
KL III.i.13
Keep their fur dry, unbonneted he runsunbonneted (adv.)
bare-headed; recklessly
KL III.i.14
And bids what will take all. KL III.i.15.1
Kent. KENT 
But who is with him?But who is with him? KL III.i.15.2
None but the Foole, who labours to out-iestNone but the Fool, who labours to outjestout-jest (v.)

old form: out-iest
overcome with the force of jokes
KL III.i.16
His heart-strooke iniuries.His heart-struck injuries. KL III.i.17.1
Kent. KENT 
Sir, I do know you,Sir, I do know you, KL III.i.17.2
And dare vpon the warrant of my noteAnd dare upon the warrant of my notenote (n.)
attention, notice, regard
KL III.i.18
warrant (n.)
assurance, pledge, guarantee
Commend a deere thing to you. There is diuisionCommend a dear thing to you. There is division – dear (adj.)

old form: deere
important, major, significant
KL III.i.19
commend (v.)
commit, entrust, hand over
(Although as yet the face of it is couer'dAlthough as yet the face of it is coveredface (n.)
appearance, outward show, look
KL III.i.20
With mutuall cunning) 'twixt Albany, and Cornwall:With mutual cunning – 'twixt Albany and Cornwall; KL III.i.21
Who haue, as who haue not, that their great StarresWho have – as who have not that their great starsstar (n.)

old form: Starres
fate, fortune, destiny [as determined by the stars]
KL III.i.22
Thron'd and set high; Seruants, who seeme no lesse,Throned and set high – servants, who seem no less, KL III.i.23
Which are to France the Spies and SpeculationsWhich are to France the spies and speculationsspeculation (n.)
observer, watcher, agent
KL III.i.24
Intelligent of our State. What hath bin seene,Intelligent of our state. What hath been seen,intelligent (adj.)
bearing intelligence, giving inside information
KL III.i.25
Either in snuffes, and packings of the Dukes,Either in snuffs and packings of the Dukes,packing (n.)
plotting, contriving, underhand dealing
KL III.i.26
snuff (n.)

old form: snuffes
resentment, huff, pique
Or the hard Reine which both of them hath borneOr the hard rein which both of them have bornerein (n.)

old form: Reine
control, restraint, curb
KL III.i.27
Against the old kinde King; or something deeper,Against the old kind King, or something deeper, KL III.i.28
Whereof (perchance) these are but furnishings.Whereof, perchance, these are but furnishingsperchance (adv.)
perhaps, maybe
KL III.i.29
furnishing (n.)
decoration, surface factor, window-dressing
But true it is, from France there comes a powerpower (n.)
armed force, troops, host, army
KL III.i.30
Into this scattered kingdom, who already,scattered (adj.)
disunited, distracted, divided
KL III.i.31
Wise in our negligence, have secret feetfoot (n.)
foothold, position, presence
KL III.i.32
In some of our best ports and are at pointpoint, at / at a
in readiness, prepared, armed
KL III.i.33
To show their open banner. Now to you:open (adj.)
displayed, made visible
KL III.i.34
If on my credit you dare build so farcredit (n.)
trust, faith, belief
KL III.i.35
To make your speed to Dover, you shall find KL III.i.36
Some that will thank you making just reportjust (adj.)
accurate, exact, precise
KL III.i.37
Of how unnatural and bemadding sorrowunnatural (adj.)
against natural feeling, not in accord with kinship
KL III.i.38
bemadding (adj.)
making mad, maddening
The King hath cause to plain.plain (v.)
complain, lament, bewail
KL III.i.39
I am a gentleman of blood and breeding,blood (n.)
nobility, breeding, gentility, good parentage
KL III.i.40
And from some knowledge and assurance offerassurance (n.)
security, certainty, confidence
KL III.i.41
This office to (n.)
task, service, duty, responsibility
KL III.i.42
I will talke further with you.I will talk further with you. KL III.i.443.1
Kent. KENT 
No, do not:No, do not. KL III.i.43.2
For confirmation that I am much moreFor confirmation that I am much more KL III.i.44
Then my out-wall; open this Purse, and takeThan my out-wall, open this purse and takeout-wall (n.)
external appearance, outer clothing
KL III.i.45
What it containes. If you shall see Cordelia,What it contains. If you shall see Cordelia –  KL III.i.46
(As feare not but you shall) shew her this Ring,As fear not but you shall – show her this ring, KL III.i.47
And she will tell you who that Fellow isAnd she will tell you who that fellow isfellow (n.)
companion, associate
KL III.i.48
That yet you do not know. Fye on this Storme,That yet you do not know. Fie on this storm! KL III.i.49
I will go seeke the King.I will go seek the King. KL III.i.50
Giue me your hand, / Haue you no more to say?Give me your hand. Have you no more to say? KL III.i.51
Kent. KENT 
Few words, but to effect more then all yet;Few words, but to effect more than all yet:effect (n.)
drift, tenor, import
KL III.i.52
That when we haue found the King, in which your painThat when we have found the King – in which your painpain (n.)
effort, endeavour, exertion, labour
KL III.i.53
That way, Ile this: He that first lights on him,That way, I'll this – he that first lights on himlight on (v.)
come across, meet with, chance upon
KL III.i.54
Holla the other. Holla the other.holla, holloa (v.)
halloo, shout, call out [to]
KL III.i.55
Exeunt.Exeunt by opposite doors KL III.i.55
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