King Lear

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Bastard.Enter Edmund KL I.ii.1.1
Thou Nature art my Goddesse, to thy LawThou, Nature, art my goddess; to thy lawnature (n.)
natural order, ungoverned state, way of the world [often personified]
KL I.ii.1
My seruices are bound, wherefore should IMy services are bound. Wherefore should Ibind (v.), past form bound
pledge, vow, be under obligation
KL I.ii.2
Stand in the plague of custome, and permitStand in the plague of custom and permitplague (n.)
calamity, affliction, scourge
KL I.ii.3
stand (v.)
continue, remain, wait, stay put
custom (n.)

old form: custome
habit, usual practice, customary use
The curiosity of Nations, to depriue me?The curiosity of nations to deprive me,deprive (v.)

old form: depriue
dispossess, disinherit
KL I.ii.4
curiosity (n.)
scrupulousness, fastidiousness, painstaking attention to detail
For that I am some twelue, or fourteene MoonshinesFor that I am some twelve or fourteen moonshinesmoonshine (n.)
KL I.ii.5
Lag of a Brother? Why Bastard? Wherefore base?Lag of a brother? Why bastard? Wherefore base?lag of
lagging behind, lingering after
KL I.ii.6
base (adj.)
low-born, lowly, plebeian, of lower rank
When my Dimensions are as well compact,When my dimensions are as well-compact,dimension (n.)
(plural) parts of the body, organs
KL I.ii.7
well-compact (adj.)

old form: well compact
well-formed, nicely put together
compact (adj.)
made up, composed
My minde as generous, and my shape as trueMy mind as generous, and my shape as true,generous (adj.)
well-bred, mannerly, noble-minded
KL I.ii.8
true (adj.)
true to father's likeness, authentic, genuine
As honest Madams issue? Why brand they vsAs honest madam's issue? Why brand they usissue (n.)
child(ren), offspring, family, descendant
KL I.ii.9
honest (adj.)
chaste, pure, virtuous
With Base? With basenes Barstadie? Base, Base?With ‘ base ’? with ‘ baseness ’? ‘ bastardy ’? ‘ base, base ’?baseness (n.)

old form: basenes
socially inferior trait, plebeian quality
KL I.ii.10
Who in the lustie stealth of Nature, takeWho in the lusty stealth of nature takenature (n.)
natural order, ungoverned state, way of the world [often personified]
KL I.ii.11
lusty (adj.)

old form: lustie
vigorous, strong, robust, eager
stealth (n.)
stealing away, furtive journey, clandestine act
More composition, and fierce qualitie,More composition and fierce qualityquality (n.)

old form: qualitie
nature, disposition, character
KL I.ii.12
fierce (adj.)
ardent, active, vigorous
composition (n.)
putting together, making up
Then doth within a dull stale tyred bedThan doth within a dull, stale, tired bed KL I.ii.13
Goe to th'creating a whole tribe of FopsGo to the creating a whole tribe of fopsfop (n.)
fool, buffoon, jackass
KL I.ii.14
Got 'tweene a sleepe, and wake? Well then,Got 'tween asleep and wake? Well then,wake (n.)
state of wakefulness
KL I.ii.15
get (v.)
beget, conceive, breed
Legitimate Edgar, I must haue your land,Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land. KL I.ii.16
Our Fathers loue, is to the Bastard Edmond,Our father's love is to the bastard Edmund KL I.ii.17
As to th'legitimate: fine word: Legitimate.As to the legitimate. Fine word ‘ legitimate ’! KL I.ii.18
Well, my Legittimate, if this Letter speed,Well, my ‘ legitimate,’ if this letter speedspeed (v.)
meet with success, prosper, flourish
KL I.ii.19
And my inuention thriue, Edmond the baseAnd my invention thrive, Edmund the baseinvention (n.)

old form: inuention
plan, scheme, stratagem
KL I.ii.20
base (adj.)
low-born, lowly, plebeian, of lower rank
Shall to'th'Legitimate: I grow, I prosper:Shall top the legitimate. I grow. I prosper. KL I.ii.21
Now Gods, stand vp for Bastards.Now gods stand up for bastards! KL I.ii.22
Enter Gloucester.Enter Gloucester KL I.ii.23.1
Kent banish'd thus? and France in choller parted?Kent banished thus? and France in choler parted?choler (n.)

old form: choller
anger, rage, wrath
KL I.ii.23
And the King gone to night? Prescrib'd his powre,And the King gone tonight? prescribed his power?prescribe (v.)

old form: Prescrib'd
limit, restrict, confine
KL I.ii.24
power (n.)

old form: powre
authority, government
Confin'd to exhibition? All this doneConfined to exhibition? All this doneexhibition (n.)
allowance, pension, maintenance
KL I.ii.25
Vpon the gad? Edmond, how now? What newes?Upon the gad? Edmund, how now? What news?gad, upon the

old form: Vpon
suddenly, as if pricked with a gad [= goad]
KL I.ii.26
So please your Lordship, none.So please your lordship, none. KL I.ii.27
Why so earnestly seeke you to put vp yt Why so earnestly seek you to put up thatput up (v.)

old form: vp
conceal, hide away, pocket
KL I.ii.28
Letter?letter? KL I.ii.29
I know no newes, my Lord.I know no news, my lord. KL I.ii.30
What Paper were you reading?What paper were you reading? KL I.ii.31
Nothing my Lord.Nothing, my lord. KL I.ii.32
No? what needed then that terrible dispatchNo? What needed then that terrible dispatchdispatch, despatch (n.)
hasty removal, speedy concealment
KL I.ii.33
of it into your Pocket? The quality of nothing,of it into your pocket? The quality of nothingquality (n.)
nature, disposition, character
KL I.ii.34
hath not such neede to hide it selfe. Let's see: come, if ithath not such need to hide itself. Let's see! Come! If it KL I.ii.35
bee nothing, I shall not neede nothing I shall not need spectacles. KL I.ii.36
I beseech you Sir, pardon mee; it is a Letter fromI beseech you, sir, pardon me. It is a letter from KL I.ii.37
my Brother, that I haue not all ore-read; and for so muchmy brother that I have not all o'erread; and for so muchoverread, over-read (v.)

old form: ore-read
read over, read through
KL I.ii.38
as I haue perus'd, I finde it not fit for your ore-looking. as I have perused, I find it not fit for your o'erlooking.overlooking (n.)

old form: ore-looking
perusal, inspection, scrutiny
KL I.ii.39
Giue me the Letter, Sir.Give me the letter, sir. KL I.ii.40
I shall offend, either to detaine, or giue it: / TheI shall offend either to detain or give it. Thedetain (v.)

old form: detaine
keep back, withhold, retain
KL I.ii.41
Contents, as in part I vnderstand them, / Are too blame.contents, as in part I understand them, are to blame.blame, to

old form: too
to be blamed, blameworthy
KL I.ii.42
Let's see, let's see.Let's see, let's see! KL I.ii.43
I hope for my Brothers iustification, hee wroteI hope for my brother's justification he wrote KL I.ii.44
this but as an essay, or taste of my Vertue.this but as an essay or taste of my virtue.essay (n.)
trial, testing, proof
KL I.ii.45
taste (n.)
trial, testing, proof
reads.(reading) KL I.ii.46
This policie, and reuerence of Age,This policy and reverence of age KL I.ii.46
makes the world bitter to the best of our times: keepes our makes the world bitter to the best of our times, keeps ourtime (n.)
lifetime, life
KL I.ii.47
best (n.)
best period, heyday, high point
Fortunes fromvs, till our oldnesse cannot rellish them. I begin fortunes from us till our oldness cannot relish them. I begin KL I.ii.48
to finde an idleand fond bondage, in the oppression of aged to find an idle and fond bondage in the oppression of agedidle (adj.)
useless, barren, worthless
KL I.ii.49
fond (adj.)
foolish, stupid, mad
bondage (n.)
condition of being bound, constraint, oppression
tyranny, who swayes not as it hath power, but as it is tyranny, who sways not as it hath power but as it issway (v.)

old form: swayes
control, rule, direct, govern
KL I.ii.50
suffer'd. Come to me, that of this I may speake more. If our suffered. Come to me that of this I may speak more. If oursuffer (v.)

old form: suffer'd
put up with, tolerate, do nothing about
KL I.ii.51
Father would sleepe till I wak'd him, you should enioy halfe father would sleep till I waked him, you should enjoy half KL I.ii.52
his Reuennew for euer, and liue the beloued of your Brother.his revenue for ever, and live the beloved of your brother,revenue (n.)

old form: Reuennew
income, yield, profit
KL I.ii.53
Edgar.Edgar. KL I.ii.54
Hum? Conspiracy? Sleepe till I wake him, you shouldHum! Conspiracy! ‘ Sleep till I waked him, you should KL I.ii.55
enioy halfe his Reuennew: my Sonne Edgar, had hee a hand toenjoy half his revenue.’ My son Edgar, had he a hand to KL I.ii.56
write this? A heart and braine to breede it in? When came write this? a heart and brain to breed it in? When came  KL I.ii.57
you to this? Who brought it?you to this? Who brought it? KL I.ii.58
It was not brought mee, my Lord; there's theIt was not brought me, my lord. There's the KL I.ii.59
cunning of it. I found it throwne in at the Casement of mycunning of it. I found it thrown in at the casement of mycasement (n.)
window [on hinges and able to be opened]
KL I.ii.60
Closset.closet.closet (n.)

old form: Closset
private chamber, study, own room
KL I.ii.61
You know the character to be yourYou know the character to be yourcharacter (n.)
handwriting, style of writing, lettering
KL I.ii.62
Brothers?brother's? KL I.ii.63
If the matter were good my Lord, I durst swearIf the matter were good, my lord, I durst swearmatter (n.)
subject-matter, content, substance
KL I.ii.64
it were his: but in respect of that, I would faine thinke itit were his; but in respect of that I would fain think itfain (adv.)
gladly, willingly
KL I.ii.65
were not.were not. KL I.ii.66
It is his.It is his! KL I.ii.67
It is his hand, my Lord: but I hope his heart isIt is his hand, my lord; but I hope his heart is KL I.ii.68
not in the Contents.not in the contents. KL I.ii.69
Has he neuer before sounded you in thisHas he never before sounded you in this KL I.ii.70
busines?business? KL I.ii.71
Neuer my Lord. But I haue heard him oft maintaineNever, my lord. But I have heard him oft maintainoft (adv.)
KL I.ii.72
it to be fit, that Sonnes at perfect age, and Fathersit to be fit that, sons at perfect age and fathersperfect (adj.)
adult, grown up, mature
KL I.ii.73
fit (adj.)
suited, fitting, appropriate
declin'd, the Father should bee as Ward to the Son, anddeclined, the father should be as ward to the son, andward (n.)
person under someone's protection, minor
KL I.ii.74
the Sonne manage his Reuennew.the son manage his revenue. KL I.ii.75
O Villain, villain: his very opinion in theO villain, villain! His very opinion in the KL I.ii.76
Letter. Abhorred Villaine, vnnaturall, detested, brutishletter! Abhorred villain! Unnatural, detested, brutishunnatural (adj.)

old form: vnnaturall
against natural feeling, not in accord with kinship
KL I.ii.77
detested (adj.)
detestable, loathsome, hateful
abhorred (adj.)
horrifying, disgusting, abominable
Villaine; worse then brutish: Go sirrah, seeke him: Ilevillain! worse than brutish! Go, sirrah, seek him; I'llsirrah (n.)
sir [commanding, insulting, or familiar, depending on context]
KL I.ii.78
apprehend him. Abhominable Villaine, where is he?apprehend him. Abominable villain! Where is he?apprehend (v.)
seize, arrest, lay hold of
KL I.ii.79
I do not well know my L. If it shall pleaseI do not well know, my lord. If it shall please KL I.ii.80
you to suspend your indignation against my Brother, tilyou to suspend your indignation against my brother till KL I.ii.81
you can deriue from him better testimony of his intent,you can derive from him better testimony of his intent,intent (n.)
intention, purpose, aim
KL I.ii.82
you shold run a certaine course: where, if you violentlyyou should run a certain course; where, if you violentlycourse (n.)
course of action, way of proceeding
KL I.ii.83
proceed against him, mistaking his purpose, it wouldproceed against him, mistaking his purpose, it wouldpurpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
KL I.ii.84
make a great gap in your owne Honor, and shake inmake a great gap in your own honour and shake in KL I.ii.85
peeces, the heart of his obedience. I dare pawne downepieces the heart of his obedience. I dare pawn down mypawn down (v.)

old form: pawne downe
stake, pledge, risk
KL I.ii.86
my life for him, that he hath writ this to feele my affection tolife for him that he hath writ this to feel my affection tofeel (v.)

old form: feele
test, discover, sound out
KL I.ii.87
your Honor, & to no other pretence of danger.your honour and to no other pretence of danger.pretence (n.)
plan, design, intention, purpose
KL I.ii.88
Thinke you so?Think you so? KL I.ii.89
If your Honor iudge it meete, I will place youIf your honour judge it meet I will place youmeet (adj.)

old form: meete
fit, suitable, right, proper
KL I.ii.90
where you shall heare vs conferre of this, and by anwhere you shall hear us confer of this and by an KL I.ii.91
Auricular assurance haue your satisfaction, and thatauricular assurance have your satisfaction, and thatsatisfaction (n.)
removal of doubt, resolved state of mind
KL I.ii.92
auricular (adj.)
audible, hearable, perceived by the ear
without any further delay, then this very Euening.without any further delay than this very evening. KL I.ii.93
He cannot bee such a Monster. He cannot be such a monster –  KL I.ii.94
Nor is not, sure. KL I.ii.95
To his father that so tenderly and entirely KL I.ii.96
Edmond seeke him out:loves him. Heaven and earth! Edmund, seek him out. KL I.ii.97
winde me into him, I pray you: frame the Businesse afterWind me into him, I pray you. Frame the business afterwind (v.)

old form: winde
insinuate, pursue a devious course
KL I.ii.98
frame (v.)
arrange, organize, plan
your owne wisedome. I would vnstate my selfe, to be in a dueyour own wisdom. I would unstate myself to be in a dueunstate (v.)

old form: vnstate
deprive of rank and estate, give up everything
KL I.ii.99
resolution.resolution.resolution (n.)
certainty, definiteness, positive knowledge
KL I.ii.100
I will seeke him Sir, presently: conuey the businesseI will seek him, sir, presently, convey the businesspresently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
KL I.ii.101
convey (v.)

old form: conuey
manage, conduct, carry on [in secrecy]
as I shall find meanes, and acquaint you I shall find means, and acquaint you withal. KL I.ii.102
These late Eclipses in the Sun and MooneThese late eclipses in the sun and moonlate (adj.)
recent, not long past
KL I.ii.103
portend no good to vs: though the wisedome of Natureportend no good to us. Though the wisdom of naturenature (n.)
natural order, ungoverned state, way of the world [often personified]
KL I.ii.104
can reason it thus, and thus, yet Nature finds it selfe can reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itselfreason (v.)
argue rationally [about], debate the pros and cons [of]
KL I.ii.105
scourg'd by the sequent effects. Loue cooles, friendshipscourged by the sequent effects: love cools, friendshipsequent (adj.)
following, ensuing, consequent
KL I.ii.106
falls off, Brothers diuide. In Cities, mutinies; in Countries,falls off, brothers divide. In cities, mutinies; in countries,mutiny (n.)
riot, civil disturbance, state of discord
KL I.ii.107
discord; in Pallaces, Treason; and the Bond crack'd, 'twixtdiscord; in palaces, treason; and the bond cracked 'twixt KL I.ii.108
Sonne and Father. This villaine of mine comes vnder theson and father. This villain of mine comes under the KL I.ii.109
prediction; there's Son against Father, the King falsprediction: there's son against father; the King falls KL I.ii.110
from byas of Nature, there's Father against Childe. Wefrom bias of nature: there's father against child. Webias (n.)

old form: byas
[weighting in a bowl causing it to run obliquely] inclination, tendency, leaning
KL I.ii.111
haue seene the best of our time. Machinations, hollownesse,have seen the best of our time. Machinations, hollowness,machination (n.)
plotting, intrigue, scheming
KL I.ii.112
hollowness (n.)

old form: hollownesse
insincerity, hypocrisy, lip-service
treacherie, and all ruinous disorders follow vs disquietlytreachery, and all ruinous disorders follow us disquietlydisquietly (adv.)
uneasily, in a disturbing manner
KL I.ii.113
to our Graues. Find out this Villain, Edmond,to our graves – find out this villain, Edmund; KL I.ii.114
it shall lose thee nothing, do it carefully: and the Nobleit shall lose thee nothing; do it carefully – and the noblelose (v.)
harm, damage
KL I.ii.115
& true-harted Kent banish'd; his offence, honesty.and true-hearted Kent banished! His offence, honesty! KL I.ii.116
'Tis strange. 'Tis strange. KL I.ii.117
ExitExit KL I.ii.117
This is the excellent foppery of the world, thatThis is the excellent foppery of the world, thatexcellent (adj.)
[in a bad or neutral sense] exceptionally great, supreme, extreme
KL I.ii.118
foppery (n.)
folly, foolishness, stupidity
when we are sicke in fortune, often the surfets of ourwhen we are sick in fortune – often the surfeits of oursurfeit (n.)

old form: surfets
sickness brought on by excess
KL I.ii.119
own behauiour, we make guilty of our disasters, the Sun,own behaviour – we make guilty of our disasters the sun,guilty (adj.)
responsible [for], answerable [for]
KL I.ii.120
the Moone, and Starres, as if we were villaines on necessitie,the moon, and stars, as if we were villains on necessity, KL I.ii.121
Fooles by heauenly compulsion, Knaues, Theeues, andfools by heavenly compulsion, knaves, thieves, andknave (n.)

old form: Knaues
scoundrel, rascal, rogue
KL I.ii.122
Treachers by Sphericall predominance. Drunkards, Lyars,treachers by spherical predominance, drunkards, liars,predominance (n.)
ascendancy, predominant influence, authority
KL I.ii.123
spherical (adj.)

old form: Sphericall
of the spheres [stars], planetary
treacher (n.)
traitor, deceiver, cheat
and Adulterers by an inforc'd obedience of Planataryand adulterers by an enforced obedience of planetary KL I.ii.124
influence; and all that we are euill in, by a diuineinfluence; and all that we are evil in by a divine KL I.ii.125
thrusting on. An admirable euasion of Whore-master-thrusting-on. An admirable evasion of whoremasterwhoremaster (adj.)

old form: Whore-master
lecherous, fornicating, licentious
KL I.ii.126
thrusting on (n.)
imposition, forcing, insinuation
admirable (adj.)
wondrous, marvellous, extraordinary
man, to lay his Goatish disposition on the charge of aman, to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of acharge (n.)
responsibility, culpability
KL I.ii.127
disposition (n.)
composure, state of mind, temperament
Starre, My father compounded with my mother vnder thestar. My father compounded with my mother under thecompound (v.)
mix, mingle, combine
KL I.ii.128
Dragons taile, and my Natiuity was vnder Vrsa Maior, soDragon's tail, and my nativity was under Ursa Major, soUrsa Major
the Great Bear [associated with lechery]
KL I.ii.129
dragon's tail

old form: Dragons taile
[astrology] intersection of the orbit of the descending moon and that of the sun [associated with lechery]
that it followes, I am rough and Leacherous. I shouldthat it follows I am rough and lecherous. Fut! I shouldfut (n.)
[unclear] probably [Christ's] foot
KL I.ii.130
haue bin that I am, had the maidenlest Starre in thehave been that I am had the maidenliest star in the KL I.ii.131
Firmament twinkled on my bastardizing.firmament twinkled on my bastardizing. Edgar – bastardizing (n.)
being conceived as a bastard
KL I.ii.132
Enter Edgar.(Enter Edgar) KL I.ii.133.1
Pat: he comes like the Catastrophe of the old Comedie:pat he comes, like the catastrophe of the old comedy.pat (adv.)
neatly, opportunely, aptly
KL I.ii.133
catastrophe (n.)
denouement, final event in a play
my Cue is villanous Melancholly, with a sighe like TomMy cue is villainous melancholy, with a sigh like TomTom o'Bedlam (n.)
madman, deranged person
KL I.ii.134
o'Bedlam. --- O these Eclipses do portend theseo' Bedlam. (Aloud) O these eclipses do portend these KL I.ii.135
diuisions. Fa, Sol, La, Me.divisions: (he sings) Fa, sol, la, mi.division (n.)

old form: diuisions
dissension, discord, disunity
KL I.ii.136
How now Brother Edmond, what seriousHow now, brother Edmund! What serious KL I.ii.137
contemplation are you in?contemplation are you in? KL I.ii.138
I am thinking Brother of a prediction I readI am thinking, brother, of a prediction I read KL I.ii.139
this other day, what should follow these Eclipses.this other day, what should follow these eclipses. KL I.ii.140
Do you busie your selfe with that?Do you busy yourself with that? KL I.ii.141
I promise you, the effects he writes of, succeedeI promise you, the effects he writes of succeedeffect (n.)
result, end, outcome, fulfilment
KL I.ii.142
succeed (v.)

old form: succeede
follow on, ensue, come after
vnhappily.unhappily, as of unnaturalness between the child and theunhappily (adv.)

old form: vnhappily
evilly, disastrously, wretchedly
KL I.ii.143
unnaturalness (n.)
conduct against natural feeling, behaviour not in accord with kinship
parent, death, dearth, dissolutions of ancient amities,dearth (n.)
scarcity, shortage, lack [of food], famine
KL I.ii.144
dissolution (n.)
total destruction, disintegration
divisions in state, menaces and maledictions against kingmalediction (n.)
cursing, invective, denunciation
KL I.ii.145
state (n.)
government, ruling body, administration
division (n.)
dissension, discord, disunity
and nobles, needless diffidences, banishment of friends,diffidence (n.)
distrust, misgiving, lack of confidence
KL I.ii.146
dissipation of cohorts, nuptial breaches, and I know notdissipation (n.)
dispersal, break-up, dissolving
KL I.ii.147
cohort (n.)
company of soldiers, military division
what. KL I.ii.148
How long have you been a sectary astronomical?sectary (n.)
devotee, disciple, adherent
KL I.ii.149
astronomical (adj.)
astrological, interpreting the heavens
When saw you my Father last?When saw you my father last? KL I.ii.150
The night gone by.The night gone by. KL I.ii.151
Spake you with him??Spake you with him? KL I.ii.152
I, two houres together.Ay, two hours together. KL I.ii.153
Parted you in good termes? Found you noParted you in good terms? Found you no KL I.ii.154
displeasure in him, by word, nor countenance?displeasure in him by word nor countenance?countenance (n.)
demeanour, bearing, manner
KL I.ii.155
None at all,None at all. KL I.ii.156
Bethink your selfe wherein you may haueBethink yourself wherein you may havebethink (v.), past form bethought
call to mind, think about, consider, reflect
KL I.ii.157
offended him: and at my entreaty forbeare his presence,offended him, and at my entreaty forbear his presenceforbear (v.)

old form: forbeare
leave alone, avoid, stay away [from]
KL I.ii.158
vntill some little time hath qualified the heat of hisuntil some little time hath qualified the heat of hisqualify (v.)
moderate, weaken, diminish
KL I.ii.159
displeasure, which at this instant so rageth in him, that withdispleasure, which at this instant so rageth in him that with KL I.ii.160
the mischiefe of your person, it would scarsely alay.the mischief of your person it would scarcely allay.mischief (n.)

old form: mischiefe
harm, injury, damage
KL I.ii.161
allay (v.)

old form: alay
subside, abate, diminish, quell
Some Villaine hath done me wrong.Some villain hath done me wrong. KL I.ii.162
That's my feare, I pray you haue a continentThat's my fear. I pray you, have a continentcontinent (adj.)
self-restraining. self-controlled, discreet
KL I.ii.163
forbearance till the speed of his rage goes slower: andforbearance till the speed of his rage goes slower; and,forbearance (n.)
absence, abstention, staying away
KL I.ii.164
as I say, retire with me to my lodging, from whence Ias I say, retire with me to my lodging, from whence I KL I.ii.165
will fitly bring you to heare my Lord speake: pray ye goe,will fitly bring you to hear my lord speak. Pray ye, go!fitly (adv.)
at the right time, at a suitable moment
KL I.ii.166
there's my key: if you do stirre abroad, goe arm'd.There's my key. If you do stir abroad, go armed.stir (v.)

old form: stirre
move about, go, travel
KL I.ii.167
abroad (adv.)
away from home, out of the house
Arm'd, Brother?Armed, brother? KL I.ii.168
Brother, I aduise you to the best, I am no honestBrother, I advise you to the best. I am no honest KL I.ii.169
man, if ther be any good meaning toward you:I haueman if there be any good meaning toward you. I havemeaning (n.)
design, intention, purpose
KL I.ii.170
told you what I haue seene, and heard: But faintly. Nothingtold you what I have seen and heard but faintly, nothingfaintly (adv.)
hardly, scarcely, very slightly
KL I.ii.171
like the image, and horror of it, pray you the image and horror of it. Pray you, away!image (n.)
embodiment, instance, form
KL I.ii.172
Shall I heare from you anon? Shall I hear from you anon?anon (adv.)
soon, shortly, presently
KL I.ii.173
I do serue you in this businesse:I do serve you in this business. KL I.ii.174
Exit.Exit Edgar KL I.ii.174
A Credulous Father, and a Brother Noble,A credulous father and a brother noble, KL I.ii.175
Whose nature is so farre from doing harmes,Whose nature is so far from doing harms KL I.ii.176
That he suspects none: on whose foolish honestieThat he suspects none; on whose foolish honestyhonesty (n.)
honour, integrity, uprightness
KL I.ii.177
My practises ride easie: I see the businesse.My practices ride easy – I see the business:practice (n.)

old form: practises
scheme, plot, stratagem, intrigue
KL I.ii.178
business (n.)

old form: businesse
deed, action, affair, task
Let me, if not by birth, haue lands by wit,Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit;wit (n.)
cunning plan, ingenious design
KL I.ii.179
All with me's meete, that I can fashion fit. All with me's meet that I can fashion (adj.)

old form: meete
fit, suitable, right, proper
KL I.ii.180
fit (adj.)
suited, fitting, appropriate
fashion (v.)
form, shape, make [into]
Exit.Exit KL I.ii.180
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