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Enter Gower Per epilogue.V.iii.1
In Antiochus and his daughter you haue heardIn Antiochus and his daughter you have heard Per epilogue.V.iii.1
Of monstrous lust, the due and iust reward:Of monstrous lust the due and just reward; Per epilogue.V.iii.2
In Pericles his Queene and Daughter seene,In Pericles, his queen, and daughter seen, Per epilogue.V.iii.3
Although assayl'de with Fortune fierce and keene.Although assailed with fortune fierce and keen, Per epilogue.V.iii.4
Vertue preferd from fell destructions blast,Virtue preserved from fell destruction's blast,fell (adj.)
cruel, fierce, savage
Per epilogue.V.iii.5
Lead on by heauen, and crown'd with ioy at last.Led on by heaven, and crowned with joy at last. Per epilogue.V.iii.6
In Helycanus may you well descrie,In Helicanus may you well descrydescry (v.)
catch sight of, make out, espy, discover
Per epilogue.V.iii.7
A figure of trueth, of faith, of loyaltie:A figure of truth, of faith, of loyalty. Per epilogue.V.iii.8
In reuerend Cerimon there well appeares,In reverend Cerimon there well appears Per epilogue.V.iii.9
The worth that learned charitie aye weares.The worth that learned charity aye wears.aye (adv.)
always, ever, for eternity
Per epilogue.V.iii.10
For wicked Cleon and his wife, when FameFor wicked Cleon and his wife, when famefame (n.)
report, account, description
Per epilogue.V.iii.11
Had spred his cursed deede, the honor'd nameHad spread his cursed deed to the honoured name Per epilogue.V.iii.12
Of Pericles, to rage the Cittie turne,Of Pericles, to rage the city turn,city (n.)
citizens, city community
Per epilogue.V.iii.13
That him and his they in his Pallace burne:That him and his they in his palace burn. Per epilogue.V.iii.14
The gods for murder seemde so content,The gods for murder seemed to consent Per epilogue.V.iii.15
To punish, although not done, but meant.To punish, although not done, but meant. Per epilogue.V.iii.16
So on your Patience euermore attending,So on your patience evermore attending,attend (v.)
regard, consider
Per epilogue.V.iii.17
New ioy wayte on you, heere our play has ending.New joy wait on you! Here our play has ending. Per epilogue.V.iii.18
Exit Per epilogue.V.iii.18
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