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Enter Bawdes 3.Enter the three Bawds Per
Well, I had rather then twice the worth of herWell, I had rather than twice the worth of her Per
shee had nere come heere.she had ne'er come here. Per
Fye, fye, vpon her, shee's able to freze the godFie, fie upon her! She's able to freeze the god Per
Priapus, and vndoe a whole generation, we must eitherPriapus and undo a whole generation. We must eitherundo (v.)

old form: vndoe
ruin, destroy, wipe out
Priapus (n.)
[priy'aypus] Greek god of human and plant fertility
get her rauished, or be rid of her, when she shouldget her ravished or be rid of her. When she should Per
doe for Clyents her fitment, and doe mee the kindenesse of ourdo for clients her fitment and do me the kindness of ourkindness (n.)

old form: kindenesse
kind act, fond display
fitment (n.)
fitting action, duty, what is called for
profession, shee has me her quirks, her reasons, herprofession, she has me her quirks, her reasons, her Per
master reasons, her prayers, her knees, that shee wouldmaster reasons, her prayers, her knees, that she would Per
make a Puritaine of the diuell, if hee should cheapen a kissemake a puritan of the devil if he should cheapen a kisscheapen (v.)
bargain for, bid for, settle the price of
of her.of her. Per
Faith I must rauish her, or shee'le disfurnish vsFaith, I must ravish her, or she'll disfurnish usdisfurnish (v.)
deprive, strip, dispossess
of all our Caualereea, and make our swearers priests.of all our cavalleria and make our swearers priests.cavalleria (n.)

old form: Caualereea
body of fine gentlemen, society of knights
Now the poxe vpon her greene sicknes for mee.Now, the pox upon her green-sickness for me!green-sickness (n.)

old form: greene sicknes
sexual squeamishness, sickly naivety
pox (n.)
venereal disease; also: plague, or any other disease displaying skin pustules
Faith ther's no way to be ridde on't but by the wayFaith, there's no way to be rid on't but by the way Per
to the pox. Here comes the Lord Lysimachus the pox. Here comes the Lord Lysimachus disguised. Per
Wee should haue both Lorde and Lowne, if the peeuishWe should have both lord and lown if the peevishlown, loon (n.)

old form: Lowne
rogue, sluggard; worthless idiot
baggadge would but giue way to customers.baggage would but give way to customers. Per
Enter Lysimachus.Enter Lysimachus Per
How now, how a douzen of virginities?How now, how a dozen of virginities?how (adv.)
how much?, at what rate?
Now the Gods to blesse your Honour.Now, the gods to bless your honour! Per
I am glad to see your Honour in good health.I am glad to see your honour in good health. Per
You may , so t'is the better for you thatYou may so; 'tis the better for you that Per
your resorters stand vpon sound legges, how now? wholsomeyour resorters stand upon sound legs. How now, wholesomewholesome (adj.)

old form: wholsome
sound, firm, in good condition
resorter (n.)
regular, frequenter, customer
iniquitie haue you, that a man may deale withall, andiniquity have you, that a man may deal withal andiniquity (n.)

old form: iniquitie
piece of wickedness, little devil
deal (v.)

old form: deale
have dealings, have to do
defie the Surgion?defy the surgeon?surgeon (n.)

old form: Surgion
doctor, physician
defy (v.)

old form: defie
reject, despise, disdain, renounce
Wee haue heere one Sir, if shee would, but thereWe have here one, sir, if she would – but there Per
neuer came her like in Meteline.never came her like in Mytilene. Per
If shee'd doe the deedes of darknes thouIf she'd do the deeds of darkness, thou Per
wouldst say.wouldst say. Per
Your Honor knows what t'is to say wel enough.Your honour knows what 'tis to say well enough. Per
Well, call forth, call forth.Well, call forth, call forth. Per
For flesh and bloud Sir, white and red, you shallFor flesh and blood, sir, white and red, you shall Per
see a rose, and she were a rose indeed, if shee had but.see a rose. And she were a rose indeed, if she had but – Per
What prithi?What, prithee? Per
O Sir, I can be modest.O, sir, I can be modest. Per
That dignities the renowne of a Bawde, noThat dignifies the renown of a bawd norenown (n.)

old form: renowne
reputation, good name, honour
bawd (n.)

old form: Bawde
pimp, procurer, pander, go-between
lesse then it giues a good report to a number to be chaste.less than it gives a good report to a number to be chaste. Per
Exit Boult Per
Heere comes that which growes to the stalke, / NeuerHere comes that which grows to the stalk, never Per
pluckt yet I can assure you.plucked yet, I can assure you. Per
Enter Boult with Marina Per
Is shee not a faire creature?Is she not a fair creature? Per
Faith shee would serue after a long voyageFaith she would serve after a long voyage Per
at Sea, Well theres for you,at sea. Well, there's for you. Per
He gives her money Per
leaue vs.Leave us. Per
I beseeche your Honor giue me leaue a word, / AndI beseech your honour, give me leave a word, and Per
Ile haue done presently.I'll have done presently.presently (adv.)
immediately, instantly, at once
I beseech you doe.I beseech you, do. Per
(to Marina) Per
First, I would haue you note, this is anFirst, I would have you note this is an Per
Honorable man.honourable man. Per
I desire to finde him so, that I may worthilie noteI desire to find him so, that I may worthily note Per
him.him. Per
Next hees the Gouernor of this countrey, and a manNext, he's the governor of this country, and a man Per
whom I am bound too.whom I am bound to. Per
If he gouerne the countrey you are bound to himIf he govern the country, you are bound to him Per
indeed, but how honorable hee is in that, I knowe not.indeed, but how honourable he is in that I know not. Per
Pray you without anie more virginall fencing, willPray you, without any more virginal fencing, willvirginal (adj.)

old form: virginall
typical of a virgin
you vse him kindly? he will lyne your apron with use him kindly? He will line your apron with gold. Per
What hee will doe gratiously, I will thankfullyWhat he will do graciously, I will thankfullygraciously (adv.)

old form: gratiously
through divine grace, in all holiness
receiue.receive. Per
Ha you done?Ha' you done? Per
My Lord shees not pac'ste yet, you must take someMy lord, she's not paced yet; you must take somepace (v.)

old form: pac'ste
[horse-training] break in, teach one paces, properly train
paines to worke her to your mannage, come wee will leauepains to work her to your manage. Come, we will leavemanage (n.)

old form: mannage
management, handling, control [especially of a horse, as a result of training]
his Honor, and her together, goe thy wayes.his honour and her together. Go thy ways. Per
Exeunt, Pandar, Bawd, and Boult Per
Now prittie one, how long haue you beeneNow, pretty one, how long have you been Per
at this trade?at this trade? Per
What trade Sir?What trade, sir? Per
Why, I cannot name but I shall offend.Why, I cannot name it but I shall offend. Per
I cannot be offended with my trade, please youI cannot be offended with my trade. Please you Per
to name name it. Per
How long haue you bene of this profession?How long have you been of this profession? Per
Ere since I can remember.E'er since I can remember. Per
Did you goe too't so young, were you aDid you go to't so young? Were you ago to it

old form: goe too't
copulate, have sexual intercourse
gamester at fiue, or at seuen?gamester at five, or at seven?gamester (n.)
one drawn to amorous sport, one who plays the game, prostitute
Earlyer too Sir, if now I bee one.Earlier too, sir, if now I be one. Per
Why? the house you dwell in proclaimes youWhy, the house you dwell in proclaims you Per
to be a Creature of be a creature of sale. Per
Doe you knowe this house to be a place of suchDo you know this house to be a place of such Per
resort, and will come intoo't? I heare say you're ofresort, and will come into't? I hear say you're ofresort (n.)
visits, visitings, approaches
honourable parts, and are the Gouernour of this place.honourable parts and are the governor of this place.part (n.)
quality, attribute, gift, accomplishment [of mind or body]
Why, hath your principall made knowneWhy, hath your principal made knownprincipal (n.)

old form: principall
mistress, superior, manager
vnto you who I am?unto you who I am? Per
Who is my principall?Who is my principal? Per
Why, your hearbe-woman, she that setsWhy, your herb-woman; she that setsherb-woman (n.)

old form: hearbe-woman
woman who sells herbs
seeds and rootes of shame and iniquitie. O you haueseeds and roots of shame and iniquity. O, you have Per
heard something of my power, and so stand aloft forheard something of my power, and so stand aloof forsomething (adv.)
a little, to some extent
more serious wooing, but I protest to thee prettie one,more serious wooing. But I protest to thee, pretty one, Per
my authoritie shall not see thee, or else looke friendlymy authority shall not see thee, or else look friendly Per
vpon thee, come bring me to some priuate place:upon thee. Come, bring me to some private place. Per
Come, come.Come, come. Per
If you were borne to honour, shew it now,If you were born to honour, show it now; Per
if put vpon you, make the iudgement good,If put upon you, make the judgement goodput (v.)
bestow, grant, place officially
that thought you worthie of it.That thought you worthy of it. Per
How's this? how's this? some more, be sage.How's this? How's this? Some more. Be sage. Per
For meFor me Per
that am a maide, though most vngentle FortuneThat am a maid, though most ungentle fortune Per
haue plac't mee in this Stie, where since I came,Have placed me in this sty, where since I came Per
diseases haue beene solde deerer then Phisicke,Diseases have been sold dearer than physicphysic (n.)

old form: Phisicke
medicine, healing, treatment
that the godsThat the gods Per
would set me free from this vnhalowed place,Would set me free from this unhallowed place, Per
though they did chaunge mee to the meanest byrdThough they did change me to the meanest bird Per
that flyes i'th purer ayre.That flies i'th' purer air! Per
I did not thinke thou couldst haue spoke so well,I did not think thou couldst have spoke so well, Per
nere dremp't thou could'st,Ne'er dreamt thou couldst. Per
had I brought hither a corrupted minde,Had I brought hither a corrupted mind, Per
thy speeche had altered it, holde, heeres golde for thee,Thy speech had altered it. Hold, here's gold for thee. Per
perseuer in that cleare way thou goestPersever in that clear way thou goest,persever (v.)

old form: perseuer
persevere, persist, keep at it
clear (adj.)

old form: cleare
innocent, blameless, free from fault, not guilty
and the gods strengthen thee.And the gods strengthen thee. Per
The good Gods preserue you.The good gods preserve you. Per
For me be you thoughten,For me, be you thoughtenthoughten (adj.)
assured, of a mind, thinking
that I came with no ill intent, for to meThat I came with no ill intent; for to meill (adj.)
evil, wicked, immoral
intent (n.)
intention, purpose, aim
the very dores and windows sauor vilely,The very doors and windows savour vilely.savour (v.)

old form: sauor
smell, reek, stink
fare thee well, thou art a peece of vertue, &Fare thee well. Thou art a piece of virtue, andpiece (n.)

old form: peece
[of virtue] model, picture, paragon
fare ... well (int.)
goodbye [to an individual]
I doubt not but thy training hath bene noble,I doubt not but thy training hath been noble. Per
hold, heeres more golde for thee,Hold, here's more gold for thee. Per
a curse vpon him, die he like a theefeA curse upon him, die he like a thief, Per
that robs thee of thy goodnes, if thou doestThat robs thee of thy goodness! If thou dost Per
heare from me it shalbe for thy good.Hear from me, it shall be for thy good. Per
Enter Boult Per
I beseeche your Honor one peece for me.I beseech your honour, one piece for me. Per
Auaunt thou damned dore-keeper,Avaunt, thou damned door-keeper!door-keeper (n.)
procurer, pander, whoremaster
avaunt (int.)

old form: Auaunt
be gone, go away, be off
your house but for this virgin that doeth prop it,Your house, but for this virgin that doth prop it, Per
would sincke and ouerwhelme you. Away.Would sink and overwhelm you. Away!sink (v.)

old form: sincke
be ruined, give up, perish
Exit Per
How's this? wee must take another course withHow's this? We must take another course withcourse (n.)
course of action, way of proceeding
you? if your peeuish chastitie, which is not worth ayou. If your peevish chastity, which is not worth apeevish (adj.)

old form: peeuish
obstinate, perverse, self-willed [contrast modern sense of ‘irritable, morose’]
breakefast in the cheapest countrey vnder the coap, shallbreakfast in the cheapest country under the cope, shallcope (n.)

old form: coap
sky, heavens, firmament
vndoe a whole houshold, let me be gelded like a spaniel,undo a whole household, let me be gelded like a spaniel. Per
come your wayes.Come your ways. Per
Whither would you haue mee?Whither would you have me? Per
I must haue your mayden-head taken off, or theI must have your maidenhead taken off, or the Per
comon hag-man shal execute it, come your way,common hangman shall execute it. Come your ways. Per
weele haue no more Gentlemen driuen away, come yourWe'll have no more gentlemen driven away. Come your Per
wayes I say.ways, I say. Per
Enter Bawdes.Enter Pandar and Bawd Per
How now, whats the matter?How now, what's the matter? Per
Worse and worse mistris, shee has heere spokenWorse and worse, mistress. She has here spoken Per
holie words to the Lord Lisimachus.holy words to the Lord Lysimachus. Per
O abhominable.O, abominable! Per
He makes our profession as it were to stincke aforeShe makes our profession as it were to stink afore Per
the face of the gods.the face of the gods. Per
Bawd. BAWD 
Marie hang her vp for euer.Marry, hang her up for ever!marry (int.)
[exclamation] by Mary
The Noble man would haue dealt with her like aThe nobleman would have dealt with her like a Per
Noble man, and shee sent him away as colde as a Snoweball,nobleman, and she sent him away as cold as a snowball, Per
saying his prayers too.saying his prayers too. Per
Boult take her away, vse her at thy pleasure,Boult, take her away. Use her at thy pleasure. Per
crack the glasse of her virginitie, and make the restCrack the glass of her virginity, and make the rest Per
maliable.malleable. Per
And if shee were a thornyer peece of ground then sheeAn if she were a thornier piece of ground than shean if (conj.)
is, shee shall be, she shall be ploughed. Per
Harke, harke you Gods.Hark, hark, you gods! Per
She coniures, away with her, would she had neuerShe conjures! Away with her! Would she had neverconjure (v.)

old form: coniures
engage in magic, cast spells, invoke supernatural aid
come within my doores, Marrie hang you: shees borne tocome within my doors! Marry, hang you! She's born to Per
vndoe vs, will you not goe the way of wemen-kinde?undo us. Will you not go the way of womenkind?undo (v.)

old form: vndoe
ruin, destroy, wipe out
Marry come vp my dish of chastitie with rosemary &Marry come up, my dish of chastity with rosemary androsemary (n.)
aromatic shrub, associated with remembering
baies.bays!bay (n.)

old form: baies
leaf of the bay-tree [used as a herb; symbol of triumph]
Exit Pandar and Bawd Per
Come mistris, come your way with mee.Come, mistress, come your way with me. Per
Whither wilt thou haue mee?Whither wilt thou have me? Per
To take from you the Iewell you hold so deere.To take from you the jewel you hold so dear. Per
Prithee tell mee one thing first.Prithee tell me one thing first. Per
Come now your one thing.Come now, your one thing. Per
What canst thou wish thine enemie to be.What canst thou wish thine enemy to be? Per
Why, I could wish him to bee my master, or ratherWhy, I could wish him to be my master, or rather Per
my mistress. Per
Neither of these are so bad as thou art,Neither of these are so bad as thou art, Per
since they doe better thee in their command,Since they do better thee in their command.better (v.)
excel, outstrip, have an advantage over
command (n.)
position of authority, superior role
thou hold'st a placeThou holdest a placeplace (n.)
position, post, office, rank
for which the painedst feende of hellFor which the pained'st fiend of hellpained (adj.)

old form: painedst
tormented, distressed, persecuted
would not in reputation change: Thou artWould not in reputation change. Thou artchange (v.)
exchange, trade
the damned doore-keeper to euery custerellThe damned door-keeper to every custreldoor-keeper (n.)

old form: doore-keeper
procurer, pander, whoremaster
custrel (n.)

old form: custerell
scoundrel, rogue, low fellow
that comes enquiring for his Tib.That comes inquiring for his Tib.Tib (n.)
[type name for] strumpet, harlot, whore
To the cholerike fisting of euery rogue,To the choleric fisting of every roguecholeric (adj.)

old form: cholerike
irritable, angry, enraged
fisting (n.)
punching, knock, boxing
thy eare is lyable, thy foode is suchThy ear is liable. Thy food is such Per
as hath beene belch't on by infected lungs.As hath been belched on by infected lungs. Per
What wold you haue me do? go to the wars,What would you have me do? go to the wars, Per
wold you? wher a man may serue 7. yeers for thewould you? where a man may serve seven years for the Per
losse of a leg, & haue not money enough in the end toloss of a leg, and have not money enough in the end to Per
buy him a woodden one?buy him a wooden one? Per
Doe any thing but thisDo anything but this Per
thou doest, emptie olde receptacles,Thou doest. Empty old receptaclesreceptacle (n.)
repository, storehouse, receiving chamber
or common-shores of filthe,Or common shores of filth;shore (n.)
waterside dump, sewage channel
common (adj.)
public, open, outdoor
serue by indenture, to the common hang-man,Serve by indenture to the common hangman.indenture (n.)
contract, agreement
anie of these wayes are yet better then this:Any of these ways are yet better than this, Per
for what thou professest, a Baboone could heFor what thou professest, a baboon, could he speak, Per
speak, would owne a name too deere, that the godsWould own a name too dear. That the godsname (n.)
reputation, fame, renown
dear (adj.)

old form: deere
noble, honourable, worthy
wold safely deliuer me from this place:Would safely deliver me from this place! Per
here, heers gold for thee,Here, here's gold for thee. Per
if that thy master would gaine by me,If that thy master would gain by me, Per
proclaime that I can sing, weaue, sow, & dance,Proclaim that I can sing, weave, sew, and dance, Per
with other vertues, which Ile keep from boast,With other virtues which I'll keep from boast, Per
and will vndertake all these to teache.And I will undertake all these to teach. Per
I doubt not but this populous Cittie willI doubt not but this populous city will Per
yeelde manie schollers.Yield many scholars. Per
But can you teache all this you speake of?But can you teach all this you speak of? Per
Prooue that I cannot, take mee home againe,Prove that I cannot, take me home againprove (v.)

old form: Prooue
demonstrate, establish, show to be true
And prostitute mee to the basest groomeAnd prostitute me to the basest groomgroom (n.)

old form: groome
fellow, character, creature
base (adj.)
dishonourable, low, unworthy
that doeth frequent your house.That doth frequent your house. Per
Well I will see what I can doe for thee: if I canWell, I will see what I can do for thee. If I can Per
place thee I thee, I will. Per
But amongst honest woman.But amongst honest women. Per
Faith my acquaintance lies little amongst them,Faith, my acquaintance lies little amongst them. Per
But since my master and mistris hath bought you,But since my master and mistress hath bought you, Per
theres no going but by their consent: therefore I willthere's no going but by their consent. Therefore I will Per
make them acquainted with your purpose, and I doubtmake them acquainted with your purpose, and I doubtpurpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
not but I shall finde them tractable enough. Come, Ilenot but I shall find them tractable enough. Come, I'll Per
doe for thee what I can, come your for thee what I can. Come your ways. Per
Exeunt.Exeunt Per
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