Richard II
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First folio
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Key line

Enter Exton and Seruants.Enter Sir Piers of Exton and a Man R2 V.iv.1.1
Didst thou not marke the King what words hee spake?Didst thou not mark the King, what words he spake?mark (v.)
old form: marke
note, pay attention [to], take notice [of]
R2 V.iv.1
Haue I no friend will rid me of this liuing feare:‘ Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?’ R2 V.iv.2
Was it not so?Was it not so? R2 V.iv.3.1
Ser. MAN 
Those were his very words.These were his very words. R2 V.iv.3.2
Haue I no Friend? (quoth he:) he spake it twice,‘ Have I no friend?’ quoth he. He spake it twice,quoth (v.)saidR2 V.iv.4
And vrg'd it twice together, did he not?And urged it twice together, did he not?urge (v.)press, insist on, state emphaticallyR2 V.iv.5
Ser. MAN 
He did.He did. R2 V.iv.6
And speaking it, he wistly look'd on me,And speaking it, he wishtly looked on me,wishtly (adv.)fixedly, intently, steadfastlyR2 V.iv.7
As who should say, I would thou wer't the manAs who should say ‘ I would thou wert the man R2 V.iv.8
That would diuorce this terror from my heart,That would divorce this terror from my heart ’ –  R2 V.iv.9
Meaning the King at Pomfret: Come, let's goe;Meaning the King at Pomfret. Come, let's go.Pomfret (n.)Pontefract, West Yorkshire; site of a castle in which Richard II was imprisoned; later, a Lancastrian strongholdR2 V.iv.10
I am the Kings Friend, and will rid his Foe. I am the King's friend, and will rid his foe.rid (v.)get rid of, destroy, killR2 V.iv.11
Exit.Exeunt R2 V.iv.11
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