Measure for Measure

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Angelo & Escalus.Enter Angelo and Escalus MM IV.iv.1.1
Euery Letter he hath writ, hath disuouch'd other.Every letter he hath writ hath disvouched other.disvouch (v.)

old form: disuouch'd
disavow, contradict, refuse to acknowledge
MM IV.iv.1
In most vneuen and distracted manner, hisIn most uneven and distracted manner. Hisuneven (adj.)

old form: vneuen
irregular, erratic
MM IV.iv.2
distracted (adj.)
perplexed, confused, agitated
actions show much like to madnesse, pray heauen hisactions show much like to madness. Pray heaven his MM IV.iv.3
wisedome bee not tainted: and why meet him at the gateswisdom be not tainted. And why meet him at the gates,taint (v.)
lose vigour, become weak, wither
MM IV.iv.4
and deliuer our authorities there?and reliver our authorities there?reliver (v.)
restore, hand over, give up again
MM IV.iv.5
I ghesse not.I guess not. MM IV.iv.6
And why should wee proclaime it in an howre beforeAnd why should we proclaim it in an hour before MM IV.iv.7
his entring, that if any craue redresse of iniustice, they his entering, that if any crave redress of injustice, theycrave (v.)

old form: craue
need, demand, require
MM IV.iv.8
should exhibit their petitions in the street?should exhibit their petitions in the street?exhibit (v.)
submit for inspection, produce for consideration, propose
MM IV.iv.9
He showes his reason for that: to haue a dispatchHe shows his reason for that – to have a dispatchdispatch, despatch (n.)
prompt settlement, speedy handling
MM IV.iv.10
of Complaints, and to deliuer vs from deuices heereafter,of complaints, and to deliver us from devices hereafter,device (n.)

old form: deuices
plot, stratagem, trick
MM IV.iv.11
deliver (v.)

old form: deliuer
free, release, liberate
which shall then haue no power to stand against vs.which shall then have no power to stand against us. MM IV.iv.12
Well: I beseech you let it bee proclaim'dWell, I beseech you let it be proclaimed. MM IV.iv.13
betimes i'th' morne, Ile call you at your house:Betimes i'th' morn I'll call you at your house.morn (n.)

old form: morne
morning, dawn
MM IV.iv.14
betimes (adv.)
early in the morning, at an early hour
giue notice to such men of sort and suiteGive notice to such men of sort and suitsort (n.)
class, level, social rank
MM IV.iv.15
suit (n.)

old form: suite
court attendance, personal retinue
as are to meete him.As are to meet him. MM IV.iv.16.1
I shall sir: fareyouwell. Exit.I shall, sir. Fare you well.fare ... well (int.)

old form: fareyouwell
goodbye [to an individual]
MM IV.iv.16.2
Good night.Good night. MM IV.iv.17
Exit Escalus MM IV.iv.17
This deede vnshapes me quite, makes me vnpregnantThis deed unshapes me quite, makes me unpregnantunshape (v.)

old form: vnshapes
deform, disfigure, destroy
MM IV.iv.18
unpregnant (adj.)

old form: vnpregnant
unready, uninclined, unreceptive
And dull to all proceedings. A deflowred maid,And dull to all proceedings. A deflowered maid,dull (adj.)
dead, lifeless, sluggish, inactive
MM IV.iv.19
And by an eminent body, that enforc'dAnd by an eminent body that enforcedbody (n.)
person, individual
MM IV.iv.20
The Law against it? But that her tender shameThe law against it! But that her tender shame MM IV.iv.21
Will not proclaime against her maiden losse,Will not proclaim against her maiden loss, MM IV.iv.22
How might she tongue me? yet reason dares her no,How might she tongue me? Yet reason dares her no,tongue (v.)
reproach, censure, berate
MM IV.iv.23
For my Authority beares of a credent bulke,For my authority bears of a credent bulkbulk (n.)

old form: bulke
weight, magnitude, capacity
MM IV.iv.24
credent (adj.)
believable, credible, trustworthy
That no particular scandall once can touchThat no particular scandal once can touchparticular (adj.)
personal, special, private
MM IV.iv.25
But it confounds the breather. He should haue liu'd,But it confounds the breather. He should have lived,breather (n.)
speaker, utterer
MM IV.iv.26
confound (v.)
discomfit, defeat, put to shame
Saue that his riotous youth with dangerous senseSave that his riotous youth with dangerous sensesense (n.)
opinion, view, judgement
MM IV.iv.27
Might in the times to come haue ta'ne reuengeMight in the times to come have ta'en revenge, MM IV.iv.28
By so receiuing a dishonor'd lifeBy so receiving a dishonoured life MM IV.iv.29
With ransome of such shame: would yet he had liued.With ransom of such shame. Would yet he had lived. MM IV.iv.30
Alack, when once our grace we haue forgot,Alack, when once our grace we have forgot, MM IV.iv.31
Nothing goes right, we would, and we would not.Nothing goes right. We would, and we would not. MM IV.iv.32
Exit.Exit MM IV.iv.32
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